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The Perfect Backpack!

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May 9, 2017 in Outdoors


They say your backpack truly defines who you are, looking at your backpack we can always tell you where you’ve headed or where you are headed. Similarly, we believe you should have a backpack that truly defines who you are, for example, a reversible bag just in case you don’t want to stick to one style. Anyway, there are a number of backpacks out there you can choose from that vary in size, quality, agility and capacity. As you read on, I hope you find the perfect backpack for you and your belongings that also compliments your style.

There are a number of backpacks out there, mainly being:

1. Detachable bags:
These bags are crafted specially for the style freak in you, carry the main compartment only or attach it to the straps, you can have it your way. At the same time, you can also design and customise the way in which you want to carry it around and no one’s going to tell you anything coz it’s your bag!

2. Reversible bags:
Reversible bags are as cool as they sound. If you do not want to use one specific colour or design throughout the use of your bag, you can turn the bag inside out and there you have it, another colour, and another design that could match with whatever you want it to. This is the perfect bag for that college student in you. Let your style speak for you.

3. Laptop backpacks:
We often wonder what we would carry to work, how we would carry purr laptop around and so on. A normal backpack wouldn’t do the trick. Thus, we’ve got laptop bags that are specifically designed to carry your laptop around with an inbuilt cushion that ensures your laptop isn’t damaged. You also find a lot of compartments in these bags for your charger, stationary and so on.

4. Travel backpacks:
These type of bags are created for the adventure junkie in you, providing you with enough space for your clothes and amenities as you backpack through the country. The quality of the bag is meant to last and will definitely be sufficient for a week long holiday.

Which bag suits you best? Remember, quality of quantity and your style over anyone else’s!

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