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The key factors to choose the best clipper

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September 11, 2017 in Outdoors


Buying a cheap hair clipper can lead to various problems such as lack of power, pulls, hairs that get stuck combs that break, … however, you will not always need a professional hair clipper.

Between both ends, there are a lot of options.

You must have clear your priorities: power, versatility, the comfort of use, quality of the blades, …

The goal is to find the best cutter that suits your particular needs.

It is not the same if you have very little hair and you are looking for a hair clipper to give you a pass weekly and leave it almost to zero, if you need a hair clipper to cut your children, in which case you need to be silent but at the same time allow leave the hair a little longer.

Since a hair clipper is a hair clipper, the first factor you should keep in mind is the blades

The blades

As with any other hair trimmer (razor, trimmer or epilator), the final result and the fluidity of the work, depends to a great extent on the blades.

The first important fact of a blade is its width.

The wider it is, the more surface you can cut in each pass and the haircut will be agiler.

One of the characteristics that distinguish the Clippers from the cutters is that in the latter the blades are a narrower sense in the area of the beard more precision is needed.

In general, the cutters usually have a width of between 40-45 mm.

The second important fact is the material of the blades. It will determine the precision in the cut and especially the durability.

If the blade is of poor quality after a few cuts of hair is going to be losing effectiveness and will cause the cutter to start pulling.

There are 3 types of materials:

Ceramics - have good performance cutting hair, are not overly expensive, but their strength and durability inferior to other materials
Titanium - allow greater precision in cutting and, additionally, greater durability. They are the most expensive.
Stainless steel – is the most used material. They achieve good results, are resistant and its price is more affordable than titanium.
Logically, there are more things that influence, in addition to the material. For example, the technology used for blade sharpening. As with any other item (knife, scissors …), not all stainless steel blades are the same. Not all have the same edge and not all cut equally.

Is it necessary for the blades to be coated with titanium?

This question you must answer yourself.

It depends on the use you are going to give the clipper. If you use it with a certain frequency, it would not be bad. Otherwise, you should know that there are good clippers with very good stainless steel blades.

The cutter blades can be self-sharpening. This means that they themselves are in charge of keeping the edge sharp so that the haircut does not lose effectiveness.

Range of cut lengths and precision

It is important to know the minimum length at which the hair clipper can leave the hair and also the maximum length.

If you like to wear very short hair, you should know that most of the cutters reach a minimum of 0.4-0.5 mm . In other words, they do not shave completely. This can only be achieved with a shaver.

To leave the hair to zero , use the clippers without comb guide, directly with the blades, so be careful not to press too much, as you could suffer some cut.

The precision is a second very important factor. It is the distance that separates one length from the next.

The most precise cutters can reach 0.1 mm. This is practically imperceptible to the human eye. Most move between 1 and 2 mm.

A very precise hair clipper can be useful if you want to wear very short hair and with very soft gradients between the different areas of the head.

The different cutting lengths are obtained by means of one or more guide combs.

These combs are placed on the blades and determine the length at which the hair will remain.

There are several systems:

1 comb for each length – To change length of cut, the specific comb must be placed. every time you want to cut another length you must place another comb guide.
1 comb for various lengths – using a lever, dial or similar system, several lengths can be achieved.
Selecting the different cutting lengths with a rotating wheel has the advantage of greatly simplifying the process. You need fewer accessories and you do not have to change comb every time you want to cut your hair to a different length. However, the mechanism may be less precise (in low-end cutters), either because of the fact that you can move the wheel accidentally, or because in the longer lengths, a specific comb is usually more effective. Check for the features of Best Hair Clippers for Home & Professional Use.

Power supply and power

Cutters can be fed in different ways. There are some that only work with cable. Others only do it with a battery. Of the latter, there are those that allow the use of the cable in case of necessity (although often it is detrimental to the battery life).

The use with cable has two drawbacks :

The discomfort – The cable is nothing more than a hindrance that hinders the maneuverability and freedom of movement. It forces you to cut your hair near a plug, which may not be the most suitable place (for lack of light, disturb other people, …)

Disconnecting the Cable – Sometimes it happens that the cable is disconnected from the clipper while you are using it. It usually happens on cheap models. This can lead to despair because it does not allow you to concentrate on the task, slows the haircut and you can end up leaving the Clippers stored in a drawer.
In the case of the battery operated cutter, you should pay attention to the following points:

How long it takes to charge – There are charges in 1 hour while others may need between 10 and 16 hours.
How long we can use it – There are cutters that reach several hours of autonomy. Normally, it is close to 40-60 minutes. Under 35 minutes, I would not recommend that you buy the clipper.
How to extend its life - Always read the manual of the device carefully. You will find very useful tips to extend the life of the battery.
For example, some Philips models recommend that “when the unit has been charged for the first time, we advise you to use it until the battery is fully discharged. Continue to use the appliance until the engine stops working during the session. Then recharge the battery. Follow this procedure at least twice a year. “
The high-end clippers usually have lithium batteries, while the cheaper ones are NiMh, although you can not make sharp distinctions between both types of batteries because it depends on each case in particular.

In general, lithium batteries usually suffer less memory effect.

Motor power (noise, vibration and reheat level).

The motor must have enough power to cut the hair effectively.

The power of a cutter is measured in rpm (revolutions per minute). It is not a fact that all manufacturers contribute, so it is not easy to establish comparisons between different brands of cutters. If you find it, check that you have at least 4000/5000 rpm

Some models have a plus of power thanks to the turbo function. This can make things easier if you have thick, thick hair, although it consumes more battery power and you will have to recharge it more often.

Often the power means that the machine is noisier than normal. Keep this in mind, whether you are a person very sensitive to noise or if you want to cut the hair to your children since a noisy clipper is not recommended.

Also, a very powerful machine may have the counterpart of vibrating in the hand and is uncomfortable to handle.

Finishing and quality of materials

There are very cheap clippers, which despite being of well-known brands, are still basic.

They often fail in the quality of guide combs that can be broken with relative ease.

They can also give you problems in the selection roulette of different lengths (which moves easily without wanting while you are cutting your hair) or in the anchorage of the power connection (the cable disconnects from the machine while you move it to cut your hair ).

Convenience of use

For the trimmer to be comfortable you must check 3 points:

Weight - The trimmer should not be excessively heavy.
Size - A size that you find difficult to grasp with your hand prevents you from having enough precision.
Grip - It is best to have some non-slip material, such as a rubberized handle
There are models that are specifically designed for you to use without the help of another person. It has a rotating head so you always find the best position to cut hair. It is more comfortable to use and allows to have precision in the haircut even if you are the one who does it.

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