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The best and practical tips for organizing your home improvement tools

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December 2, 2017 in Outdoors


How frustrated did you feel when the last time you needed a screwdriver for a sudden task and you had to search the whole house for it, only to find it in the sock drawer? Did it ever happen that you rushed to the point where you thought the hammer would be, but you could not see it? Or finding a measuring tape in the laundry basket could have made you feel that this is enough and you should get things on hand seriously.

Before it’s too late, you could be running for every single tool in the house if you do not think about organizing them today. No matter if you have an extensive collection of tools or a small one, getting the tools organized is going to help you a lot and will make life easier for you.

It will benefit you in several ways as well. Organized tools are going to save your time, save you from getting frustrated every other day and then would save you the right amount of money that you would otherwise be spending on purchasing the lost tools.

Let us take you to the organization of the tools

1. First and the foremost thing to do is to think of the platform that you are going to use to organize your tools. The pegboard is the most efficient way of organizing your tools. You can look at them at a glance and fins everything right there. If you are fond of boxes, you can go for making tools boxes. Then there is the option of drawers and cabinets. Whichever suits you, go for it.

2. Now that you have done it start sorting the tools. You can do it by creating batches of the similar kind of tools. For example, if you have a collection of screwdrivers, place them in one corner, if you have different hammers, place it in another corner, etc.

3. Now move further to great larger batches of the tools. Separate the hand tools in one pile and power tools in the other. You have to place them separately as the power tools need extra care. It would be wise to separate the seasonal tools as well; this usually comprises of the garden tools.

4. Now consider organizing the tools that come with accessories. You need the accessories all the time for tools such as drills and saws. So make a medium to store these accessories as well. For this, you are going to need either some bags or boxes where you can put the tools with its accessories, so you need not search for it everywhere.

5. Last but not the least is to label the boxes or bags. This is going to save you a lot of time as it is hard to memorize which box or bag belongs to which tool.
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