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Survey: Owning an UnderGround Bunker

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November 26, 2012 in Outdoors


Survey : Owning an UnderGround Bunker.
I am considering offering the service of having underground bunkers delivered, and install to residents
in the 100 mile radius of NYC.  The cost would be in the $7000.00 range for a 20-53 ft repurposed shipping container.
Prepared and treated for underground installation.
If this is a service that you feel would be worthy of great consideration. Please leave a reply.
This is just a survey to see if I want to take to the business to the next level.  Thank you.

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5 responses to Survey: Owning an UnderGround Bunker

  1. If it were in California, I’d do it. 7K sounds like an affordable offering price.

  2. Hey, if you think you can make money at it…… it is a free country. Just think people make money doing porn, breweries, making video games, etc. However, the same people discouraging you from you doing what you want, are the same that lavish in the privileges I just mentioned. DO YOU!

  3. If you get customers, they will all be rich! Aside from what you think of wealthy people, my question is Are they interested customers? If so, wow there is a market. If not read above!

  4. Wow, how is that fluoride doing for you Genesis? Article is exactly the kind of stuff we need to be encouraging. Your main problem for such a business is most of us can’t afford it. Good luck to you.

  5. I think it is rediculas. In my opinion, selling a product like this is nothing but a psych-op to encourage people to live in fear, rather than living life to the fulliest with pride and self-confidence.

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