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Spinning Reel Reviews

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August 3, 2017 in Outdoors


Many new Spinning reels reach the market year after year, and it is quite hard for an angler to keep track or rather, get a comparison for all. This Spinning Reel Advisor will help you with that. There are a lot of good models for 2017, but in this list, only the top has been discussed.

Shimano Stradic 2500FK
The new incarnation of its popular Stradic is a gem. It is a smooth as well as powerful as it can pack up to 20 pounds of stoppage power with a certain silkiness that almost guarantees against the ripping lips. It is also constructed with the new Shimano’s bulletproof Hagane composite body as well as gears. It is loaded with a cutting-edge technoloogy e.g. the X-ship, which increases efficiency and power. Its price ranges at around 200$ which is its only throwback.

Daiwa Exist 3012H
This reel thumped all the new comers in the casting contest. It launched the 1/4 –ounce weight with more than 150 feet. It scored tops in power and won the retrieve test as its Zaion super-carbon frame usually provides superior strength to the reel while minimizing weight. It gives a high-end performance with impressive looks that match.

Okuma Ceymar C-30
A big surprise, this reel took the No.4 spot with a double-take price of only $50. The majority do not believe that this price tag is the right one, but it is. It has a drilled spool, a sleek black design, and a thick bail wire and nothing about it looked inexpensive. It is important to consult a Spinning Reel Advisor before you decide on the one to buy. It has a 13-pound drag that is buttery smooth.

13 Fishing Inception
This reel is manufactured by a small company, and this fishing reel caught almost everyone by surprise. Its price is very modest, at $120 but it performs above any of your expectations. Compact, lightweight and also well built. Its drag is as smooth and as powerful as that of the reels priced three times higher. It has an easy to access and adjust centrifugal brake which only takes seconds to get tuned correctly. It is as well beautifully and sleekly finished.

Quantum Pulse PL100S
Once you see it for the very first time, you may be shocked. The reel sent 1-ounce weight faster and further than any of the other casting reels tested. One may even almost dump the whole spool. Its soft paddle handles are quite comfortable to grip, and it also has a light weight construction which serves to reduce fatigue on many days of launching baits. The $50 price tag is also tough to beat.

As you have seen on the Spinning Reel Advisor above, there are many reels in the market, with different features but only few can be classified as cost effective. Consistent performance, durability, efficiency as well as cost are the main factors to consider while looking for a good reel. Therefore, if you are looking for a good money investment on your money, then it would be wise to consider any of the above-written reels.

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