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Solar Maximum Approaching

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November 27, 2012 in Outdoors


Solar Minimum; Solar Maximum
November 27, 2012 by Karen C. Fox

(Phys.org)—The picture on the left shows a calm sun from Oct. 2010. The right side, from Oct. 2012, shows a much more active and varied solar atmosphere as the sun moves closer to peak solar activity, a peak known as solar maximum, predicted for 2013. Both images were captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) observing light emitted from the 1 million degree plasma, which is a good temperature for observing the quiet corona. Credit: NASA/SDO

The sun goes through a natural solar cycle approximately every 11 years. The cycle is marked by the increase and decrease of sunspots—visible as dark blemishes on the sun’s surface, or photosphere. The greatest number of sunspots in any given solar cycle is designated as “solar maximum.” The lowest number is “solar minimum.”

The solar cycle provides more than just increased sunspots, however. In the sun’s atmosphere, or corona, bright active regions appear, which are rooted in the lower sunspots. Scientists track the active regions since they are often the origin of eruptions on the sun such as solar flares or coronal mass ejections.

The most recent solar minimum occurred in 2008, and the sun began to ramp up in January 2010, with an M-class flare (a flare that is 10 times less powerful than the largest flares, labeled X-class). The sun has continued to get more active, with the next solar maximum predicted for 2013.

The journey toward solar maximum is evident in current images of the sun, showing a marked difference from those of 2010, with bright active regions dotted around the star.

Provided by NASA

Read more at: http://phys.org

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  1. “The sun goes through a natural solar cycle approximately every 11 years.”
    “When will the great disaster strike?”
    “On the Day of the Lord, only God knows when.”

    This has nothing to do with the lord, or a “day of the lord” or a man made god. This is natural phenomena occurring in our solar system. The article even states this. Much the same way our earth cyclically goes through warming periods every few thousand years and the globalist say that man is causing the earth to heat up to give us a carbon tax. A bad religion for planet infowarriors!

    “It is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” – Carl Sagan

    • It might not but you never know until it happens. I just brought up the fact that we are at least somewhat near the Day of the Lord which will come life a thief in the night. When that Day happens it will be too late for change and Earth will perish. Maybe it won’t happen during a solar maximum, I don’t know… But one thing is for sure it WILL happen, Earth will one day pass due to human corruption run rampant. God will never allow such human “parasites” to plague the galaxy.

  2. When will the great disaster strike?

  3. Thanks, good article.

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