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Panhard “CRAB” Armored Vehicle?

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March 4, 2013 in Outdoors


“The CRAB, a revolutionary concept without any equivalent in the market, will introduce a new kind of mobile warfare” Panhard promises. Major General Vincent Desportes, a special advisor to the chairman of Panhard explains: “The CRAB was designed with the view of providing the French Army with a force –sparing tool, enabling it to carry out a large number of missions with very low life cycle cost, before committing major combat assets, such as main Battle Tanks or other heavy armored fighting formations. Therefore, CRAB provides the mobility and firepower necessary for all phases of such missions. As a multipurpose platform, CRAB feature protection and mobility, equipped with the mission kit that can take part in the early stage of a conflict – containment, stabilization and normalization, while other configurations of the same vehicle will be employed in offensive, defensive or security missions.”



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