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August 23, 2015 in Outdoors


Get this straight first perfection does exist eternally. Love is the most powerful aspect to reality for it’s why we exist to begin with. Humanity was cursed by our own actions so certainly the world has its problems. Being with the truth is provided by Christ enabling us to solve every single issue when we go for doing God’s will.

It’s true, the world is under attack and the cosmos have more civilizations than can be accounted for. I’ve witnessed after looking through vast amounts of telescope imagery that intergalactic space travel is already happening so keeping that in mind atleast we know it’s possible. From this draws the practical immediate conclusion that earth in its hundreds of millions years worth of history has been certainly observed and come in contact with beings who came from different worlds; solar systems and galaxies.

Freedom is the most momentous reason why history pursues. It’s from how our uniqueness derives and gives us all the choice. “To do good or evil: fighting for what’s right or wrong” that’s what it all comes down to. What side will you be on in the end? Enlightening humanity or caught up in oppression for tyranny?

Science proves love is beautiful and orderly yet hate brings disorder and chaos. The current establishment tries to convince us the universe was brought about by chaos and without circumstance. They search for “dark matter/energy” stating that’s real-even though it’s never been detected-is somehow the missing piece to the standard cosmological model even tho it’s what they think that could very well be wrong. Who are the heads of the scientific establishment because they sure aren’t any ‘Einsteins’? Neither am I but you get the deference.

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