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Natural And Synthetic Rattan Explained

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October 14, 2015 in Outdoors


Rattan is the name of a group of tropical vines which grow in areas such as Australasia, Asia and Africa. With more than 600 different types of vine, rattan is very closely related to the palm tree and is one of the strongest types of timber products that exist in the world.Rattan is almost impossible to snap or break, and with a diameter of up to 7cm, it can reach lengths of hundreds of metres. When cut, the vine grows back remarkably quickly, making it a particularly sustainable resource.The entirety of the rattan vine is used in making furniture, with the inner core used to create the famous weave effect and the outer core used as binding.

Material: – The distinction between them is that the material of natural rattan is only can be found in certain area that is Indonesia, whereas synthetic rattan can be available in many countries cause it’s made by machine.This make that natural rattan furniture is more special than synthetic rattan furniture cause only certain area that can make it. There are many varieties of natural rattan material. Ie, Banana leaf, water hyacinth, seagrass, abaca etc.

Function:- Both function are be the same. Both furniture can be made as the function of living set, dining set, lazy chair etc. However; Natural rattan funiture can only be placed in indoor environment whereas synthetic rattan can be put both in indoor and outdoor or garden area.

Design: – Both furnitures can be made to be attractive designs and can be combined with other material such as wood for example. Natural rattan furniture is with wood frame inside and synthetic rattan furniture is made with aluminum frame inside. It can be concluded that synthetic rattan furniture is stronger than natural rattan furniture.

Natural rattan is without doubt one of the most popular materials used in modern furniture making all over the world. Rattan is an extremely malleable material, so it is ideal for forming striking and diverse furniture pieces for the home.Rattan is a type of long vine that grows in tropical climates, and when heated, it becomes pliable and can be crafted into furniture using traditional wicker techniques. However, as soon as it cools it returns to a hard stiff state making it an ideal durable, renewable material with which to build furniture.

How to choose the best rattan garden furniture ?

Decide on its purpose – It’s most important that the rattan garden furniture you choose is fit for purpose. If you’re looking for something space saving and practical, a cube set will make a great choice. However if space isn’t an issue and your primary concern is relaxation, a day bed is sure to tick all of the boxes.

Make sure it’s weather resistant - Synthetic rattan (also known as poly rattan) is weather resistant and therefore great for those living in the UK (where the weather isn’t always that great). Weather resistant furniture is more durable and you won’t always have to worry about storing it indoors.

Removable, machine washable cushions – Cushions can only go so long before they need a wash, so make sure you choose rattan furniture that comes with removable, machine washable cushions. Check that they’re a good quality too. After all, if they’re too thin, they’re not going to be as comfortable to sit on.

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