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Love in the wild

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February 16, 2013 in Outdoors



From a loving look to an affectionate nuzzle, these heart-warming images of furry friendships are proof that love really does make the world go round.



pair of Emperor penguins sharing a kiss
PIC BY M.WATSON / ARDEA / CATERS NEWS – (Pictured a pair of Emperor penguins sharing a kiss)


a Sea Otter resting on another
PIC BY TOM AND PAT LEESON / ARDEA / CATERS NEWS – (Pictured a Sea Otter resting on another)


a male and female grey seal
PIC BY STEFAN MEYERS / ARDEA / CATERS NEWS – (Pictured a male and female grey seal together)


two bottlenose dolphins rubbing bellies
PIC BY AUGUSTO LEANDRO STANZANI / ARDEA / CATERS NEWS – (Pictured two bottlenose dolphins rubbing bellies)


two monkeys cuddling
PIC BY M.WATSON / ARDEA / CATERS NEWS – (Pictured two monkeys cuddling)


lions nuzzling


Indian elephants crossing trunks
PIC BY JAGDEEP RAJPUT / ARDEA / CATERS NEWS – (Pictured Indian elephants crossing trunks)


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4 responses to Love in the wild

  1. Animals are great, they sure know how to live. It’s interesting that without Obama Care and Dentists and Orthodontists and Dematologists and all the doctors the animals in the wild never really get cancer or have cavities or get type II diabetes. I guess it’s just genetic right, or is it?

    • good point, though in fairness there are some great doctors and dentists who do a lot of good for people who need their specific help.

      I guess it’s just genetic right, or is it?

      That’s their plan, create disease and label everything genetic. Look at how the gun-grabbers jumped on the ‘opportunity’ to use ‘psychiatry’ to label everyone ‘crazy’ and thus not have a right to bear arms.

      Most of the time you hear ‘genetic’ it is not based on anything but hearsay. Hearsay, hearsay; you truthers have genetic defects and thus we need to make sure your genes don’t get mixed with ours. Hearsay, hearsay, some doctor, somewhere, has isolated a gene that he says makes you more likely to be a criminal. We’d better rout every family with that gene and sterilize them.

      It’s sick, and it’s scary as heck.

  2. Nice pictures. Makes me consider this fact; millions of city folk never get out in the wild. That includes national parks. When the lights go out and the water is cut off, where will millions of people go?

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