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Kailash Parvat Yatra

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April 13, 2017 in Outdoors


Since antiquated circumstances Mount Kailash is considered as the profound focal point of world. This remote Southwest corner of Tibet in the Himalayan extents is something other than a mountain. It is the starting point of three noteworthy streams The Brahmaputra, The Sutlej and The Indus. A consecrated lake and radiant mountain run both limited by confidence and wrapped in the arms of nature representing most profound sense of being and ponder.

The voyage to holy Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar is a critical otherworldly trip for the supporters of Hindu, Jain, Buddhism and Bonpo adherents, A voyage that is made to seek the shrouded soul. As per Hindu legend, Mt Kailash is the home Lord Shiva, the sacred focal point of the earth. Tibetan Buddhists assume Kailash is the home of Buddha Dhechok who symbolizes incomparable concordance. As per Jains, Kailash is where the originator of their confidence Rishabhadeva achieved flexibility from the cycle of life and resurrection.


Mount Kailash (21,778 ft) is a standout amongst the most surely understood tops in the Kailash Range, situated in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. This pinnacle is situated from where powerful Asian waterways like the Indus, the Karnali, the Sutlej and the Brahmaputra begin. Lake Manasarovar additionally lies near his mountain.

Religious Significance

Mount Kailash has colossal religious noteworthiness. It is held in high regard by the supporters of three noteworthy religions – Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Hinduism : Hindus trust that Mt. Kailash or Mt. Kailasa is the site where Lord Shiva, the Destroyer of shrewdness, tolerates. Ruler Shiva is accepted to sit at the apex of this crest in a condition of uncertain contemplation. He is joined by his better half Parvati. As per Hindu conventions, Lord Shiva is the heavenly ace of Tantra, a conviction framework which had its beginning in India. The religious importance of the Mount Kailash has additionally been stressed in the Vishnu Purana.

Jainism : Followers of Jainism call Mount Kailash as Meru Parvat or Sumeru. As per Jain customs, this is where the primary Jain Tirthankar Rishabhadeva accomplished nirvana.

Buddhism : Mount Kailash is additionally accepted to be the place from where Buddhism started and was set up in Tibet. As indicated by Tantric Buddhism, this is where the Buddha Demchok lives. The mountain has various locales where Tantric Budhism was rehearsed.

The legend has it that Milarepa, an expert of Tantric Buddhism, came to Tibet to challenge Naro Bon Chung, an expert of Bon religion. A considerable fight followed in which each of the mystical performers attempted to pick up favorable position over the other. Yet, none of them could win the clash of witchcraft. At last, they consented to an interesting test of whoever achieved the summit of Mount Kailash first would be proclaimed as the victor. Both Milarepa and Naro Bon Chung utilized their divination aptitudes to end up plainly the victor. Naro Bon Chung utilized an enchantment drum to achieve the highest point of the mountain. He had nearly achieved the apex of the pinnacle when Milarepa out of the blue sprung energetically and beat him by riding on the beams of the sun.

Aside from Hindus, Buddhists and Jains, supporters of the Bon religion of Tibet likewise hold the Mount Kailash in high respect.

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