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Is the Discount Worth it? XL Airways Review

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November 30, 2017 in Outdoors


Is the Discount Worth it? XL Airways Review

When it comes to international flight choices, airlines are competitive. Bigger airlines may offer more in the way of accommodation, but do you really need the extra frills to go from point A to point B?

An international carrier, XL Airways France is a French airline that operates out of Paris. Previously flying under the banner of Star Airlines, the fleet has been around since 1997, adopting its current name in 2006.

The essenatial stats of every XL Airways review shows the company has become one of the most closely-watched discount carriers.  As with any large purchase, potential customers should also do their due diligence by contacting the company directly with any specific questions.


You’ve heard the adage, you get what you pay for. If you have only flown on large airlines with hefty price tags, you may need to adjust your expectations to prepare yourself for a discount flight. That being said, you will get a safe, low cost, international flight. Whether or not you enjoy the flight will largely depend on your expectations.

Let’s start with the downside of flying with XL Airways.


  • Not able to check in online.
  • Seating choices are not made available until 72 hours before your departure time.
  • The planes are older models than you may be accustomed to.
  • Your choices for personal entertainment is limited.
  • Wifi? What wifi? Barely there, if at all.
  • No USB hub


  • Among the lowest priced tickets for international flights.
  • Great baggage allowance included in ticket price. One check in up to 20kg, plus one carry on up to 5 kgs as well as one personal item.
  • Food is pretty good, complete meals.
  • Service is good and staff friendly.

Grey Areas

  • Check in ease will largely be dependant on how full your flight is.
  • Spacious seating, even when you select your seats, are hard to predict.
  • For a first time flyer, you have no indication of where the spacious seats are versus the tighter ones.

Overall Impressions and Value

The whole point of an XL Airways review is to help consumers decide if it’s worth the money. In a short answer, it is. But remember, because you are paying less money, you are getting less frills.

That may seem obvious, but often consumers don’t realize they are giving up some amenities to reduce the ticket cost. However, compared to the savings, the sacrifices are pretty small. A few extra creature comforts like consistent wifi doesn’t make a higher priced flight a better value.

Therefore, a few words of wisdom to help make your flight more enjoyable will close out this XL Airways review.


  • Read all the rules for what the airline will and won’t allow and follow them. This includes luggage criteria such as weight. Check in is smooth, easy and pleasant when you are being a model passenger.
  • Arrive early, at least 2 and a half hours. This is a must for any flight.
  • Keep perspective. This is a value flight and the money you are saving can go a long way to make your trip more fulfilling. Don’t be the customer expecting champagne while only paying for beer.
  • Bring a book. Or knitting. Or your own music. And bring a charger. If you’re prepared to entertain yourself, then you’ll have no trouble at all enjoying your flight.



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