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Internet Isn’t The Bare Scope Of History

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November 14, 2015 in Outdoors


A human’s lifespan is minuscule to the many millions of years before us. Recovered artifacts gives us only a vague remnant of what really happened. People weren’t savage cavemen for hundreds of thousands of years, neither did man begin as a lesser species. Realize that around 70,000 years ago ‘homo-sapiens’ nearly went extinct. If we account for the solar system we can confirm earth and life itself has been made on purpose. There have been and will eventually be many other worlds in this solar system in their own times. We as a human race have to become wiser and at one with the earth, to naturally love one another and live together in peace by liberty. God’s love is the very reason we were able to live and how this planet remains alive. We have to be grateful for the divine grace and not rely upon man to dictate a projection onto society disregarding actual reality. The universe produces infinite wonders and the capabilities are there to travel instantaneously between galaxies. Don’t rely upon the world’s current establishment because it’s designed to quickly let you down. We the people have to fight back against tyranny and rise each other up to higher reaches. To recognize the difference between freedom and oppression is how we are going to explore the universe, not for conquest but for a quest for knoweldge in order to apprehend the greatness of wisdom. Eventually we all must ascend into the eternal heavens or the world will try to take you under. That’s what it tried to teach us but the proof is exponentially shown true that life goes on far beyond this place.

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  1. The reason I chose that title is due to people I’ve seen post ridiculous statements showing how confined to the establishment’s rhetoric they really are oblivious it seems to the annihilation people face if there is no retaliation to the tyranny being put into place.

    • “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

      “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything” -Albert Einstein

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