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How to Build a Deer Stand even in the Minimal Amount of Time!

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April 14, 2017 in Outdoors


Building a deer stand can be quite annoying at first. Many starters struggle at the starting and can lose their interest quickly but in reality, if you know exactly how to handle and categorize your work and the schedule then it can very exiting and fun thing to do.

In the starting choosing the perfect type of deer stand is very important which suits your hunting needs at most. The different types of deer hunting stands are:

1.) Hang-On Stands
2.) Climbing Stands (Self)
3.) Ladder Stands
4.) Tree Stands
5.) Tripods

*Hang-On Stands

Hang-On Stands are the type of stands that can be hauled into a tree or pole via belts or chains. This type of stands requires steps (like a ladder) to climb into the stands. These types of stands are easy to make and requires less effort.

*Climbing Stands (Self)

These type of stands will allow the hunter to climb up or down while hunting for best references but these stands are not for trees with loose bark or trunk. So, Other stands are preferred over Climbing stands. Attach each platform at different height intervals and with climbing equipment and done.

*Ladder Stands

These kind of stands are for those who are new to hunting. Easy to make and provides a far range of hunting. These stands are basically ladder attached to a platform. So, The hunter can easily climb up or down and use the ladder for best hunting and aiming purposes. Just attach a ladder to the standing platform and make sure to attach is tight to the tree or pole and done!

*Tree Stands

Tree stands are preferred by those who gives priority to safety. Fully covered and insulated and provides a better aiming experiences. As the hunter can roam around and can have better aiming and sight. These stands are preferably hard to make and requires a lot of effort. If you wish to make one yourself just go to http://thebigdeer.com/how-to-build-a-deer-stand/


Perfect type of stands for hunting enthusiasts can be carried anywhere these types of stands are pre-made or you can easily make one yourself. Attach three different supporting poles of the same size to a standing platform and just stretch the poles to make it stand and use ladder or steps to climb it up.

Different stands have different positives and negatives. Choosing the one that best suits you can help enrich your hunting experiences. Share this post if you liked it. Check out our other awesome and refreshing articles about hunting and feel free to drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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