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How is CCTV Camera Innovative

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September 10, 2017 in Outdoors


Unique technology makes a security system much innovative. It is the best way to secure your surroundings from the suspected activities. It is helpful for detecting the criminals very easy. Due to the innovative devices, these security systems work. By using CCTV camera, you can save your surroundings. Some of the important features of these devices especially security cameras are given below.

Color and Black and White

The manufacturers are offering the colored image/video cameras with the latest technology. These security cameras are available in both technologies. The color cameras are more effective for showing the result of the image/video. These are more informative because these are giving more details regarding suspected visitors. On the other hand, the black and white cameras produce the better result in the condition of low-light; these are more suitable for night and residential surveillance.

Wire and wireless

The security cameras are available in both types wired and wireless. These are highly cost effective and containing the supreme quality these are available with an extraordinary interface. On the other hand, the wireless cameras are a perfect match for housing use because of easy installation.


The CCTV camera contains powerful lenses of high quality megapixel. The CCTV camera contains powerful lenses of high-quality megapixel. It controls the field of security completely. An expensive lens gives a slight, but zoom fill for security. Then again the little lens covers the expansive range of detecting. A user can avail a typical size of the lens that has the range from 3.6mm to 1.8mm. These cameras are accessible in the Varifocal lens. It is profoundly effective in centering the picture in the dim light. It gives an incredible benefit in the night/day time for the convenience of the client. The infrared structure of the camera makes it more marvelous among the customers.

DVRs/ Processors

These are extremely innovative devices that are expert in performing different tasks at the same time. The processor is obviously the brain of the system. It controls the signals of the digital video. The innovation of compression and DE compression or CoDEC makes the task of handling the file easier. It can control other functions like PTZ and motion detection. It is similar to the personal computer. It gives the facility of storing all the data regarding the files of digital videos to achieve it as per requirement. It is the system that offers diversity of CCDEC utilities. It gives plenty of choices like DIV, MOV, MPG4, MPG1, H.264. The main feature of the DVR is the storage capacity that is available in Gigabytes to Terabytes.

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