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Hiking and safety

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July 7, 2012 in Outdoors


Do you plan on hiking anytime soon?  The news report of the missing hiker in Arizona (Body of missing hiker found in Arizona mountains) made me really start thinking of all the safety tips we should know when hiking anywhere. RIP to the 56 year old hiker Kenny Clark whos body was found in the Arizona mountains….To read more go to http://www.bearflagtrading.com/2012/07/hiking-and-safety/

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8 responses to Hiking and safety

  1. C said on August 13, 2012

    It’s easy to be “safe” when hiking [here in Az.] unless you’re just plain careless [or stupid]. I wear the right clothing/boots, I don’t go anywhere alone, I carry provisions that are needed and a few “might be needed” items, I bring my Marlin .450 Marlin caliber lever action guide gun [small/light, comfortable to carry with a elastic shoulder sling] which will send any “un-neighborly” animal on this continent to [animal] Hell if necessary.

    I don’t take stupid chances, like trying to jump over things or doing dangerous climbs, traverses, etc., I make sure other people know where I am and when I’m coming back and I won’t go hiking with anybody drinking [I don't drink] and my partner[s] need to be in reasonable shape to handle the action and equally outfitted as I am – no problems.

  2. Joe said on July 22, 2012

    I hike all the time, am a pretty big and in shape guy with a military and law enforement background, and I would never go hiking/camping without a gun for protection. Why take a gun to a supermarket but not out to the middle of the woods? We have this right….exercise it always.

  3. e said on July 19, 2012

    they sell a device called spot that tracks where u go and can phone home in case oof an emergemcy

  4. Want to hike and not worry about being able to call for help?
    Try a hand crank generator: http://stores.ebay.com/mastershand
    I think every hiker should have one just encase they need to make that dreadful
    call for help.

    its light weight and small so it will not slow you down ^_^ 16 oz for unlimited back up
    power when you need it!

  5. Check out the SAS Survival Handbook, and see shows like Man Vs Wild, Survivorman, and Dual Survival, and look up survival kit on Amazon.com Very helpful information that could save your life.

  6. that is sad… RIP. hiking is fun but yes very good to be cautious. i did two death marches in scouts
    2nd one i did we left at night and got back in the morning. only one canteen of water, gotta conserve what you got.

  7. Outdoor Desert living is awesome if you understand the basic principle that water is more Vital than food,,,

  8. I lived in Arizona for a while. Was shocking how many people died within sight of roads or buildings from dehydration. I went there from Alaska, so knew nothing about living in the heat. I assumed when you became dehydrated, you became thirsty. Not so though, at least not in AZ. It’s so hot it dries your sweat before you realize you’re even sweating, and the heat always made me a little nauseous (probably because I was so unused to it) so I never felt like drinking at all. The more dehydrated I got, the less I felt like drinking. I was dizzy a lot, and passed out a few times. People kept telling me drink, drink, drink, even if you’re not thirsty! So I finally started doing that, and had no more problems. At least not with dehydration. Had all sorts of problems with illegals, to the point it eventually drove me out of the state entirely.

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