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Essential Fall/Winter Trends for 2017/2018

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November 10, 2017 in Outdoors


We’re now amid the golden brown fall that announces chilly, white winter. Now, you might hate these cold seasons that simply invite you to stay in the comfort of your home, glued to your couch – or you can embrace the new fashion trends instead and thus have a perfect excuse to go shopping…because shopping means physical activity, right? (Keep in mind this might not be a valid excuse for skipping your yoga classes, though!)

What to look for

According to a proven trend dictator, such as his royal majesty, Vogue, fall and winter of 2017/18 should be all about celebrating individuality, which is certainly one of the main goals that every fashion-conscientious person should be pursuing. And one can easily achieve this by exploring the multitude of styles and picking up the one they believe goes the best with their personality. Long story short, this means that you can forget all about copying the famous celebrity Snapchat names and should focus solely on discovering your own style instead! How to do it, you ask? Browse the following paragraphs for inspiration and then hit the stores immediately!

Double denim

This was a rad combo back in the 80s and we all know that trends keep coming back, so make sure to get a pair of well-tailored jeans and a matching denim shirt or jacket. Pair it up with stylish boots or warm shoes for a chance to get a more elegant outfit and you’re good to go!

Cozy Knits

Well, cozy knits are basically the first thought when we think of colder weather because we want something to keep us warm, especially at zero temperature. You should bear in mind that cuts and details are becoming more sophisticated as the years go by, meaning that purchasing several interesting knits and donning them on a regular basis won’t get you in danger of looking like your grandma’s latest creation…thank goodness!

Gray office wear

All busy ladies out there will probably be glad to hear that reinvented gray office suits were often seen on numerous runways in the last couple of months. And gray is the color that is in a perfect contrast with earthy, warm colors of the fall indeed, which means that you’ll look dazzling on your way to the office.


Knitted ponchos and classic coats gave their way to padding blanket-like pieces of clothing that clearly state that warmth and coziness come before style! This is a great news for everyone who appreciates practicality above everything else.

A new generation of sportswear

That’s right. The brand-new generation of sportswear understands elegant twists on classic ski jackets, tracksuits that come in a variety of colors, as well as wearing high heels in addition to sporty pieces. Who said that you can’t be stylish and sporty at the same time?

Shoulder pads

The eighties are back, baby! Having square pads on that winter coat you’ve just bought can give you that futuristic and self-confident look while remaining unmistakably retro, but in a good way.

Floral prints and folk motifs

These can come quite handy with our struggle to resist sterile ambiance that is often associated with colder seasons. Folk motifs often come in warm colors while florals usually serve to remind us of spring and summer, which makes our own rebellion against winter a pure fashion statement at the same time, wouldn’t you agree?

What are your personal favorites for fall/winter? Do you follow trends? Tell us all about it in the comment section below!

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