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shouldn’t make a mockery of real power now…

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November 10, 2017 in Outdoors


I was just about to get off of here before finding out that there was an earthquake less than an hour ago in Los Angeles. The people who got on twitter were mostly cracking jokes about it since the quake was 3.2 in magnitude. The earth doesn’t need to see the tweets to feel and hear their mockery. I guess that they don’t just take a hint. Should’ve been grateful for the warning she just gave them.

It’s amazing how people are so quick to run out of their houses and onto the open earth during an earthquake… so who is really protecting who here?

People have yet to see the earth’s full rage. It’d be wise to treat her with care… or else there might not be any ‘people left to document’ it after the storm of all storms comes. They’ll be too busy trying to live in the aftermath. Just because y’all documented weather patterns for decades doesn’t mean it’s all figured out or could ever be.

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