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Crack the Code: Several ways of Opening a Safe

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September 7, 2017 in Outdoors


A lot of people nowadays have a lot of valuable possessions with them. In most cases, these items aren’t paper money or checks but are in the form of jewelry, deeds, diamonds, contracts, etc. When people don’t trust other institutions such as banks to keep these items safe, they protect it themselves by purchasing safes.

A safe, strongbox or lock box is a sturdy container that can house a lot of valuable items such as jewelry and other precious items. A safe is a hollow cube or cylinder with a door that has a mechanical lock. This lock can either come with personal number codes or a key. Most safes use personal numbers.

A safety deposit box, similar to a safe which houses smaller amounts of valuable items uses both codes and keys to open. Safes are symbols of durability, impenetrability, and safety. They are symbols for a good reason because safes are tough to crack or open. A lot of times, a safe can virtually keep anything inside of it safely, even for years to come. However, not all things last.

Before we proceed, we’ll assure you that nothing in the article is a sure fire way of opening a safe where owners can feel vulnerable. Here are some ways on cracking open a safe:

The Hard Physical Way

Perhaps the most common and least useful way of opening a safe is prying it open with a crowbar or any tool. Burglars and would-be criminals mostly do this method. Attempts to pry open a safe by brute force doesn’t even come close to opening it, especially if it’s a quality safe. With enough time, using brute force can open a safe. However, most people don’t have the time, patience, and luxury of using force in opening a top-notch safe.

Being Surgical

A more “surgical” approach to opening a safe is by using a saw or a torch. This method is both used by professional criminals and professional, safe crackers. Using saws and torches is a good way of getting into a safe, though it requires tons of patience and time. Also, using a heating rod might damage the contents inside a safe, making the whole process futile.

Manual Manipulation

The most time consuming and safest route to open a safe is by doing it manually. Through the use of a stethoscope, yes the one used by doctors and nurses, a professional locksmith can crack open a safe without any damage to the safe and the content inside. However, this a long and complicated process that only a few and handful experts are capable of doing. A job like this could take a few weeks or several hours if lucky.


Most mechanical locks also are vulnerable with drills. Drills can provide holes wherein individual tools become more useful. These tools can manipulate the tiny mechanisms inside of the safe. Drilling is somewhat the most dangerous way of cracking a safe open because there might be a chance that a safe comes with strict and harmful security measures.

There’s a safe with a glass that when hit by a drill bit, it shatters and automatically activates a lock within the safe that makes it ten times harder for a safe cracker to break. Another security measure that is often rare is when a drill bit hits a safety plate inside a safe, triggers a canister within the safe to release tear gas.

Safes are costly containers that are worth it when in use. These containers provide safe keeping for the most valuable items an owner has in his or her possession. Cracking a safe can be tedious and time-consuming as breaking one requires a lot of effort and expertise. A lot of methods such as drilling, using saw blades, torches, manual manipulation, and even brute force can all be feasible ways in opening a safe.

When in doubt, never open a safe on your own especially if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge to tackle it open. Always consult a professional similar to the many professional locksmiths in Katy. When trying to crack a safe. If you still risk doing it on your own, the contents inside could incur damages, making your effort a waste.

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