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Best Tips to Make Cleaning Up After a Party a Breeze

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September 29, 2017 in Outdoors


Throwing a huge party to celebrate some big or small event is the best way to spend time connecting with friends and family. Having a nice backyard is a huge asset when it comes time to throw these parties; especially when you have a barbeque grill and a nice wide open space to accommodate guests. Getting setup for the part is the fun part, the excitement of thinking about everyone having a great time mingling and spending quality time together. However, the downside is the post-party cleanup. Yuk.

The good news is, there is a solution to save your energy from such a disastrous backyard cleaning and to plan things before it’s too late. If you know what to do when facing any huge mess, watching guest leave your party wouldn’t have to be such a drag.

To save you from the dreaded cleanup of these large gatherings, here we have gathered the practical and useful post-party cleanup tips that would prove helpful to you.

• Make sure to have a clean and tidy backyard before the guests arrive. If you have left the pre-party mess to be cleaned later, you will surely have a lot to do in the end.

• Plan and place the largest trash can of the house in the backyard and place it at the point where it is visible to all the guests easily. Else you cannot blame the guests for throwing away the empty cans, bottles, and disposables as you haven’t arranged for a trash can yourself.

• If you are not a fan of disposable items, you must designate a particular area or a table to place the used stuff on. This will help the guests to put away the dirty dishes with you. Another practical tip is to put cute little signs upon the tables to indicate what they are meant for. People enjoy helping as much as they can.

• Instead of staking the dishes and waiting for the guests to be gone, start the dishwashing during the party. For this, take the dishes in small batches to the kitchen and let the dishwasher do its work. This way most of your dishes would be cleaned even before the last guest leaves.

• Get ready beforehand to deal with the spills as a party is incomplete without spills. Just clean away the spill in time to save it from destroying the medium permanently, but remember not to look annoyed else you would make your guest feel bad.

• When you feel that the guests are no more taking food, take it inside the kitchen to avoid attracting pests and vermin. Make sure you do not give a rude or offensive gesture to anyone who is looking for the last bite. Be generous while taking away the food and offer it to people you find on the way.

These are the best tips to help you with the post-party cleanup. To gather further information on the topic, see more on our website.

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