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Back in the Deep Woods, Behind the gates..

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December 22, 2012 in Outdoors


Something I have noticed being done.. Possibly related to Agenda 21..

MOST or ALL,  of the access roads in our area, to the Great empty wilderness, have been gated.. Big heavy gates made of rails from a railroad track.. Short of a bulldozer, or a set of cutting torches, these gates ain’t gonna open.. Access to the public has been severely curtailed to our own “Public Lands”..

But, behind those big Gates, the Roads are being strengthened, new carefully packed rock roadways, major steel bridges replacing simple culverts under the roads for stream crossings.. This is happening everywhere around here! Even local people haven’t noticed this, because only a few of us have alternate secret access routes, so we can get behind the gates..

If there is supposed to be no access, then why are they rebuilding all these roads??? And in such a way, that they could service major traffic, of the heaviest equipment???

Odd Huh???

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  1. [IMG]http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d102/ama989010ama/thanksobama_zps08e626a5.gif[/IMG][/quote]

  2. How about some pictures?

  3. Lots of this going on in Colorado too.

  4. As a backwoodsman I am always seeing what gets done in the woods around me. They are doing the same thing in places in Western Washington, not all roads are being improved but more and more are being gated.

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