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Zen Garcia – EndeavorFreedom on youtube

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December 28, 2012 in Offbeat


Hi all, I have recently been listening to videos on youtube by a guy called Zen Garcia. – username EndeavorFreedom. He claims to know all about the nephillim and the Anunaki, (basically the giants from the bible), angels and demons and he seems to know a lot about not only the end times, but events preceeding what we know of in the bible.
I am just wondering if anyone knows anything of his work and if there is any truth to it?

To be honest, I don’t understand a lot of the things he is talking about and I don’t know where to start in researching the things he says – he makes some claims which seem to clash with traditional christian beliefs, but fit in quite well with current events and also with some of the things that David Icke talks about.

One example of the things he says is that we are all fallen angels and basically just don’t know it… not that far off what Icke says in that he claims we are infinite conciousness having a human experience. He (Zen) also talks of a blood war between us and the descendents of the Anunaki…. I find it all very confusing.
I plan to buy his book Son’s of God when I can but in the mean time, does anyone have any insight into this please?

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  1. Just browsing, and happened to see Zen Garcia in here. I’m a little surprised, cuz I just discovered him as well. I’ve been studying this kind of thing for years, and allot of what he says seems about right. The part about us as fallen angels is new to me, but it really doesn’t go against the bible, and would actually make certain things more understandable as to life and purpose and all that. He and most of us share the opinion that study of this kind is not at all required for salvation, and anything that is shown to be biblically inaccurate, should be discounted.
    You will hear allot of interesting ideas, but it’s up to you to do your homework, and find the truth. What did you hear specifically that clashed with your beliefs?
    David Icke is new age. Allot of what he says is ‘truth’ mixed with other new age ideas, that’s why it sounds plausible, and he could be advancing the great deception.
    Zen gets his info from allot of Sumerian writings. And i think he’s on to something.

    Try also (Youtube)
    “steve quayle nephilim giants”
    “L A Marzulli great deception”
    “L A Marzulli mark of the beast.”

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