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World Governance, Christians, and the Bible. – are the current events of today covered in the bible?

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November 20, 2012 in Offbeat


Many times i have heard callers on the ‘Alex Jones Show’ ask about bible prophecy, and about what the bible says about current world event. Usually Alex politely ends the calls and explains how he cannot go into biblical prophecy because he is primarily a news and current affairs type show. i agree with this, because he needs to get the information out to everyone and if he talks about religion he will turn half his audience off.

However, this doesn’t provide his callers with any answers, and this has been what has motivated to write this post. someone who could provide answers to these questions is the late Barry Smith. Barry Smith was a world famous New Zealand preacher and teacher who passed away in 2002 preaching in England. He also spent many years in the Pacific Islands preaching the gospel with his Pacific Island wife.

Barry smith did all his research about the world government and Illuminati before the age of the internet and what he talks about is much of the same stuff we now know today. he then uses the bible to explain what is happening and what we can expect to happen. some of his messages are over 20 years old and the accuracy of what he said would happen is pretty much spot on. of course somethings are different than what he predicted, but a lot of it is spot on.

here are the links to some of his sermons from the 1990′s and early 2000′s that people have posted on YouTube. there are others on YouTube that are not listed here.

Barry Smith lecture, Global Church

Barry Smith World Order & the EU 1 of 2

Barry smith Lectures 911 controlled demolition

Infowars.com Videos:

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