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When a fool realizes they’re a fool, are they still a fool?

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November 6, 2012 in Offbeat


Hopefully by the end of this post someone will leave a comment and answer the question that is headlined. For the better part of the last 44 years I lived what I thought was a life of my own. Raised in a relatively small town (pop. 12,000+) in Minnesota, I had a positive experience throughout the first 18 years. For whatever reason, I couldn’t wait to get out of town and explore other parts of the country. I won’t bore you with anymore background information. Point is, after 40 I realized something wasn’t right. The past couple of years I have discovered startling information regarding social engineering. Websites like this one along with a small group of truth tellers have allowed me the opportunity to expand my awareness.

 My perception of reality is much closer to the truth than a vast majority of people residing in my community. To communicate with them about serious topics is taboo. Since I believe the rhetoric about the Federal Reserve being an insidious institution, it takes away all incentive to earn fiat dollars. Since I believe. all major media outlets are propaganda (SPIN) spewers,  I no longer watch television or listen to the radio. Since I can’t afford to better my situation, on a daily basis I’m reminded of the fluoride/gmo/chemtrail poisoning assault. The only thing that I know for sure, is I have no credibility and the (S)ophisticated (S)ociopaths are in the drivers seat.

 Now here is my dilemma. I realize my pawn/pleb status in life will never change. The reverse programming is probably supposed to make one enact revenge on the so-called perpetrators. Some may be inclined to change their life and focus their energy on helping the cause through infowars. Since my tendency is to be introverted and non-violent unless in a defensive posture, the only option left is to remain silent and try to squeak out a paltry existence. When one is forever doomed to always pick the wrong path sometimes not picking a path at all is the best option. Who knows, maybe wisdom given to a fool is a tool, that the (S)ophisticated (S)ociopaths use. Either way, I still believe most people are good and that will always leave me susceptible to unscrupulous elements within society.


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