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March 10, 2017 in Offbeat


I’ve recently developed new abilities while conscious dreaming. Last night I slept for nearly 12 hours straight… it’s really refreshing being able to rest very peacefully again. I went on a streak of consciously dreaming and ‘they’ sure ain’t seem to like it…. Kinda funny how it all started too.. I was in my room and was about to have a drink when I noticed that more of my liquor was gone than I remembered drinking but what really gave it away was there being an extra bottle of a certain type of spice rum that I haven’t bought in a long time and a lot of it was gone. They tried to reset the dream on me but it was too late… I instantly got up and smacked myself….. though pain can be felt it’s not a full sorta pain that is felt in real life. Quickly physics went haywire but that ain’t scare me… the dream reset but from then on out I was given longer durations of consciously dreaming. It went on for hours and none of the resets fooled me until I woke up for real then fell back asleep. During one of the segments I was out in my backyard… I noticed I was dreaming with my natural vision so I managed to manifest a pair of glasses onto my face. That’s the first time I can recall manifesting any item into existence. I started walking along a wood beam along the edge of a garden and decided to try to alter the environment… and I was able to widen and return the wooden beams to their normal size multiple times while walking on them. Then I ended up in my side yard where there’s a small basketball court…. I was able to manifest wild plants growing tall through the concrete right before my very eyes. I’m not sure much of what happened during that segment.

Something I’ve noticed is that if you consciously dream long enough you’ll always encounter a ‘conscious entity’. Earlier I ran into another one of those vampiric types… right after the dream reset he was waiting in the other room. He started stalking me and the look on his face was like he wanted to feast on me which pissed me off. I know I told myself not to interact with these entities but once again I got to learn my lesson… yet the observations I made probably was worth while. Once I made it up the stairs I said ‘fuck you’ and flicked off that entity. I was ready to get this over with and fight but usually these things never seem to be about that… they have other intentions in mind. I went out the front door and shut the door behind me but this particular entity found that amusing. He pretty much said ‘watch this’ and he slowly went through the solid object. I’ve never seen that before so it caught my interest… then he showed me that he’s able to become nothing more than his own reflection in the window and could project himself there in different ways. I forget the shit he was telling me but it was probably to make me angry or or tried to recruit me. Actually I do recall him saying something about being trapped for hundreds of years which is a very strange thing to say. I pushed him away and ended up walking off. What I discovered is that these certain entities try to make people angry so that they can feed off their energy. They know if they get people mad they tend to lose clear judgement… also I can tell that if I insult them or physically attack them than they believe that justifies them fucking with me. I tried to fly on out of the area but there was a giant fence wall thing along with a force field preventing me from leaving the beyond the end of the street. It appears they got me confined to a small area… why? I don’t know.. my abilities are vastly improving so maybe they’re intimidated by the potential of my power. I really need to make sure to avoid interacting with any entities until I can really figure out what’s going on. After that segment, I woke up from the dream and quickly opened up my eyes. Right then as I looked towards the window I could see some round sort of large red object… I didn’t have my glasses on so the details weren’t totally clear but it reminded me of an old red/black racing steering wheel that I once had. It seemed like it was physically there for like ten or twenty seconds and then it faded away into like a dark light… just like if you stared into the sun too long and closed your eyes, it was that same effect…. since I was in a dark room and it was still night.. it’s hard for me to make sense of it. The only thing that I could think of is how it reminded me of one of those things in the “doom” video games… those fucking evil magical circles that light up red like blood, I don’t know what they’re called. Made me wonder if people have done evil rituals and cast spells on me. That ain’t something that I ever use to believe in much but the more I experience the more I have to question everything. All I know is that if you ignore the entities they don’t get any satisfaction and probably lose their interest. Next time if I can remember I might try to rebuke the entity and see how they react. Obviously they’re trying to observe and gauge me but that goes both ways. I ain’t gonna find the answers talking to these entities though.. even the ones who seem like decent individuals I can never remember what they told me after I woke up… but I do remember my interactions. Next time I consciously dream I really want to attempt turning this whole place into a wilderness or hopefully a paradise if possible…. since whoever they are have block me from leaving the area there’s really no other choice. Maybe they even put up that barrier for my own good, as a lesson to teach me that I can manifest my own environment rather than wondering around the earth looking for somewhere to go. If anybody else has ever made it nearly as far as I have in consciously dreaming I’d really like to know what they’ve learned and how far they’ve gone. I’ll keep y’all updated… even if I’ve made it farther than any other human alive today has it still feels like I’m only scratching the surface. How deep this goes? If I ever find out than I think it’s going to answer a lot.

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