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weather the storm

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August 13, 2017 in Offbeat


I had a really epic dream last night, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I’ll just get to the climax… from the details I remember this dream segment begun with being on a road trip with my love and her best friend who I’m also friends with. I think we went to the beach for the day and then when nightfall happened I guess the tide came unusually far inland… at this point we were already on a boat and continued on to where we were gonna go anyways. This part gets a little strange but it had some sorta significance. They took me to a place that appeared to be used for sewage. It was a concrete square structure that was open at the top and had a pool of sewage or muck of some kind down there. They got me to climb down on a latter and turn around to face it. She told me that they both already did this themselves and it had to do with facing one’s own perversion. There wasn’t a whole lot but maybe enough to get submerged in. All I knew is that I didn’t want to even touch it. I told her to please keep holding onto me because I didn’t want to fall in. Floating on that shit was what appeared to be a sea-mine and a buoy. She told me to do something but I forgot what that was. I used my mind to throw the sea-mine out into the ocean, telekinesis style. Then suddenly the storm picked up and the flooding intensified. We knew we had to get out of there so I got back into the boat and we took off. My love was driving… we stopped to rescue a few people from out of the water and pulled them onto the boat before the turbulence got too strong to save anymore people. Had the boat going at full speed driving through the city when the water level dropped while we were heading towards a large staircase, couldn’t avoid it so we drove up it which fucked up the boat. It capsized and we were out there in the water but the boat was still floating so we grabbed on. I dunno what happened next, either a wave flipped the boat upright again or we ended up getting onto another boat. What I clearly remember next is we drove the boat to the other side of the city and ended up in front of the ocean again. That’s when we saw the tidal waves coming in. It wasn’t just one wall of waves but many different segments with some a lot larger than others. We took off the other direction back into the city. There were buildings and many skyscrapers around us. Waves were hitting from all directions except for coming from the right which must’ve been inland. The waves were taking down entire skyscrapers one by one sometimes very closely in front of us. It was an amazing yet frightening sight. One wave was heading directly towards us but we swerved right out of the way just in time. The ocean was rising up at such a fast rate that by now we were dozens of stories high. At one point something happened, my love and our friend got thrown off the boat to inside of a tall building. I immediately took the wheel and drove the boat in there. There were three people who for whatever reason started to attack them so whoever was left of us got out of the boat and took care of that real fast. I dunno why they would be attacking people during all of this or what they wanted but my best guess is they had just gone mad since it appeared to be the end of the world. We then got to the top of the building and looked out over the horizon to see that the storm was calming down. The sun peaked through the clouds… brought such a beautiful feeling of relief, knowing that we were gonna be okay.

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