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Walmart Workers Speak Out

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November 29, 2012 in Offbeat


Ran across this video, I think it speaks for a lot of us. The Walton (Walmart) family has as much $$$ as 45 million Americans? Not begrudging anyone their due, but seems like NWO slavery, Agenda 21 neo-serfdom. Listen to the words, “no respect” “can’t speak out” “we get bullied” “can’t afford to eat” “can’t afford an apartment” “we get cheated” “I don’t get treated like a human being”. I know a lot of us are broke too, but I avoid shopping at Walmart as much as possible.

I think all Walmart employees should go to work wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Or maybe some hackers could give all the Walmart employees a Christmas bonus from the Walton family.

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  1. How about striking Walmart to get rid of all their predictive analytics, neuromarketing, brain scanning cameras out of their warehouse facilities?


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