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update on dreaming chronicles

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May 16, 2017 in Offbeat


I had just about the quickest conscious dream ever… I was partway asleep and dreaming except the visuals were blank. Almost right away became aware that I was nearly dreaming so I focused on the environment and for the first time forced myself consciously into the dream realm. Well they really didn’t like that. It was nighttime which is freaky in conscious dreams because the shadows seem darker than the ones in reality and so it’s harder to see what’s in the darkness. Anyways I begun in my backyard on the patio and right away I started walking. Was only able to take a few steps into the grass when I begun to get basically raptured up into the sky pretty slowly. Part of the way they used my own voice down there somewhere in the yard probably to mock me, saying ‘this is my life’ and some other shit like that. I almost made it to the tree tops but woke up. Probably could’ve kept going but I don’t know what was lifting me up and the atmosphere there was pretty creepy. I knew something was hidden in the shadows and whatever it was used my voice. I remember once having a long conscious dream a little while back where I was perched on the roof observing the area… eventually I saw someone that resembled myself but what basically the real evil version. I confronted it but that entity was up to some tricks. Given the circumstances because of its appearance it’ll be hard to do but I probably should kill that thing the next time it shows itself. I know the good in me is more powerful and I’ll see if it will challenge me. Not all of these entities are killable though or at least they’re very resilient. Obviously killing ain’t always the best solution but it is probably the easiest way to get rid of it. On the other hand maybe it’s really just a battle of the wits and will power that’s important, could be the only true way to handle it. There’s some kind of mediation going on… I need to remember to put all of my trust in the Creator and to not fear. It’s just so strange of a feeling being lifted up into the air and not being able to control your movements or know where you’re being taken to. It was probably a good thing that happened though because I was probably about to be in a very bad situation. Gotta stick to the daytime environment dreams if I can help it because those give me a much better advantage.

Oh and interestingly enough I woke up with greater insight into how dreaming operates. After I had that last dream made me get a better understanding on how to force my way into the dream realm. Relaxation is key and I believe the frontal lobe must be put to minimal use. Once partially asleep and thoughts begin to manifest into dreams… realize you’re entering into a dream and focus on an object then the entire environment. I’m not sure which areas of the brain are needed the most to access this but I’m sure I could look it up. What’s really intriguing is how perception works. Light goes through the eyes to the back of the brain and that sends a signal back to the eyes which allows the person to see. Dreaming must be from the back of the brain sending signals… it’s like when awake you’re looking outwardly but when dreaming you’re looking inwardly. I’m done with this dreaming stuff for today.. it was some pretty good progress. Finna go enjoy this beautiful weather. It feels good to be back in regular reality.

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