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March 26, 2017 in Offbeat


I had a couple conscious dreams earlier and things are going better than they were. The first one I instantly could detect a very evil presences so I naturally got upset and defensive. I yelled at whatever it was to reveal itself but then my dream restarted. The next one I played it smarter… I blended in as to not give away my conscious state. That ended up going on for a long time until I managed to slip away. Finally was able to get outside and I directed my attention towards the Creator. I damn near got raptured out of there but it was like there was some sort of invisible ceiling. It’s possible I was being led somewhere but I ended up heading in the wrong direction and got detected. Something I’ve learned from this experience is even the unconscious entities can be used to detect one’s state of consciousness. When the Creator lifted me up it appears ‘my wings’ got upgraded… at least I was able to fly in a more controlled fashion than before. Until I can escape where they currently have me contained I’ll probably stick to the ground. Once I can find sanctuary I will practice my abilities more to see how far I can take them before maybe returning to face these entities who appear to have some sort of stake in me. Even now my energy feels much more powerful. I’m looking forward to giving this another shot and yet must stay low key as I can. I have a feeling that they’re not going to be able to keep me contained for much longer.

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