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Time travel, reptilians, and the Mossad. Here are some MISSING LINKS

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November 22, 2012 in Offbeat


The time travel episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura only adds credibility to the reptilian theory. In his 1999 book “The Biggest Secret,” David Icke mentions that the reptilians come from the lower fourth dimension of consciousness and they have control over us because we are in the third dimension of consciousness. One of the biggest differences between the third and fourth dimensions is that the sensation of time does not carry the same meaning. Further, it goes without saying that the reason this universe and everything in it exists is because our consciousness allows for it to exist (which is what the man in the time travel episode was referring to when he said that time and space are illusions.) These entities of the lower fourth dimension exist at a state of consciousness where time is quite meaningless.
The episode states that in 1971 they had a picture of the World Trade Center being hit by a plane. And to make it even more interesting the Rothschild founder of the Mossad made a statement in 1979 that planes would be used as weapons and hinted that the World Trade Center would be a target, a fact that was exposed in the documentary “9/11 Missing Links.” Well, the reptilian Rothschilds do not have the same sense of time that we do, so does it make sense that they would have photos of 9/11 and make statements about the event long before it happened? Of course it makes sense.
And Jesse Ventura needs to open up his mind a little more. After these three season 3 episodes so far I think it’s fair to say that Ventura is taking this whole “if I don’t see it then I won’t believe it” thing to far. In the time travel episode he found the idea of the time travel device disrupting the “chakra mechanism” to be crazy, and his son Tyrel left the room as soon as that guy who understood the device said that time and space are illusions. Jesse and Tyrel are only hindering their chances to expand their consciousness if they do not stop thinking that this stuff is crazy. Makes ya wonder why the whole idea of chakras and the illusion of space-time is absurd to so many people. The evidence shows that we are consciousness, so it actually makes perfect sense.

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