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These Zombie Attacks will likely all be Brain-Chips not Bath-Salts

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December 4, 2014 in Offbeat


Tasered and still fighting, screaming like an animal, drugs not found, these are signs that a computer-brain-interface had him wirelessly connected and unconsciously controlled by central command.

Bath salts apparently had nothing to do with this man’s actions.

mrmartinlw 2 years ago

Hey Denis, why mention that Mr Eugene was “widely suspected to have been under the influence of bath salts” when you then say this was not the case?

Quality reporting……

Original story was a day earlier and said nothing of bath-salts.

These turkies act like its a joke and push the false claim that bath-salts are the reason victims follow the strip, gnaw and growl artificial zombie routine.

No toxicology or autopsy results are available.

However, news sources have spoken to Eugene’s mother and unnamed girlfriend who confirm he doesn’t do drugs other than marijuana, even shunning over the counter medications. He has been described by acquaintances as gentle, warm hearted, and bible-carrying. So what is the cause of his aggressive cannibalistic behavior?

The girlfriend claims Rudy Eugene, originally from Haiti, was either unwittingly drugged or under a Voodoo curse.

Agenda21 will make more and more use of these brain-chip induced incidents while global warming is becoming debunked.

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