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The Police (to kill or not to kill?)

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May 28, 2012 in Guns, Offbeat, Politics, Preparedness, Resistance


I stand at a point in my life where I am on probation for selling marijuana.  I take urine screens frequently and I am forced to take drug classes I do not need.  Before I got arrested I had 2 jobs and was selling weed to my friends and family on the side.  Now I cannot find a job.  My probation officer states that if I protest that my probation will be violated.  They have tried to tell my fiance, who has no criminal record, that she may not own a firearm if I live in the house.  Now, i face a dire problem.  At any time the police could show up to my house and enter it for any reason at all, because, since I’m on probation aparently I dont have my 4th amendment right and neither does my fiance.  I live in Indiana and recently a law was passed named the right to resist law.  As i can make out from it, if a police officer kicks in my door and is not there legally, then I may shoot him.  But what is legal?  A warrant signed by a judge?  What if that judge however enforces unconstitutional laws?  Locks people in cages for putting a substance into their bodies.  I was arrested for a crime, that is a felony, yet i hurt no one.  Never laid a hand on a person or their property.  Was selling something on the black market that is in high demand.  Yet there is no victim in the crime i committed, so how can that be a felony charge?  A charge that takes my 1st, 2nd, and 4th right away?  How can this be?  Do I really live in a free country?  So here I sit today pondering………….

Before I go any further however, i would like to tell you a story about a friend of mine.  He got charged with a misdomenor for having a marijuana pipe on him.  He was released from jail and he was given the wrong court date.  He then had an arrest warrant out for him.  I was at his house late one night playing a video game with him.  A knock on the door came.  He opened the door and cops shoved him to the ground and came rushing in guns drawn.  several of the police officers were wearing ski masks.  2 police officers then shoved guns in my face fingers on the triggers as the rest swept the house.  They pulled his father who was asleep from his bed and dragged him into the living room.  I was ordered to lay face down on the floor as they searched me.  Finally after running my name they uncuffed me and his father and took my friend  to jail.  Before we knew what was going on it was over and I felt as if I had taken a trip back in time to nazi germany.

Now, that was my last encounter with police officers.  I’m afraid they may try to do some stuff like that to my fiance and I.  For the most part, I’m a law abiding citizen.  I believe in Gods law.  You know the ones.  Dont steal, dont murder, etc.  I fear that if they came, even with a warrant, that I feel they are being unlawfull and infringing upon my rights.  I feel that I have been violated and tread upon.  That the so called justice system has done me harm.  I do not wish to kill police.  I understand that most of them believe they are doing the right thing.  Yet, I will not go to jail, because I have not committed a crime!  I would rather die than be labeled as a criminal.  Let them call me a terrorist.  Let them label me as a fanatic, some nut job.  I know the truth, and so does God.  I’m sure our founding fathers were labeled as such.  Call me a radical, i will wear that badge with pride.  Because America is a radical idea!  Brought up upon radical thinking.  That each man has constitutional rights that are God given and cannot be taken away no matter what.  I refuse to stand by and let them dictate my life.  My family loves me, my neighbors love me.  I do good for the community, more than any cop can claim.  How can a police officer have a consience arresting people who have done nothing to harm a fellow american?  How can they sleep at night?  I wouldnt be able to.  So as i reflect, I’m being pushed further and further into a corner.  I am like a wild coyote.  You corner me, I will fight to the death.  I love America, i love the idea of it.  I am broken hearted tho to see people so pacified by materealism and obsession with hollywood stars.  It is our duty as American citizens to stand against tyranny.  To stand against corruption at all levels.  How did this happen?  That patriots like me could be resting under the boot of tyrants, and as i plead for help from my fellow americans they just walk on by.  All the while thinking, at least its not happening to me.  Yet, the sad thing is, it is happening to them.  So, do I kill cops and make a stand when they come to get me?  I would prefer to die than sit in their jail, when I have done nothing to hurt anyone.

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18 responses to The Police (to kill or not to kill?)

  1. Seems we had a hint two years ago about Jerad

  2. after reading what he initially said and the other posts on this thread, i have to say i honestly cant blame the guy–might of went about it the wrong way, should of had maybe 1000 more people with him and really made a dent, but other than that, cant blame him….sorry if you disagree, i tell it like it is………i wouldn’t tolerate it neither.

  3. Dale said on May 28, 2012

    Going along to get along is not the way to beat them. So while right know they arrest people using hemp if we continue to let’s this go on the next thing they will start arresting us for having a garden or for not taking vaccines or having raw milk it’s not freedom if you can’t chose what you put in you body!

    • Amen to that. They are already arresting people for having raw milk and things. They’ve been going to Farmers Markets and shutting them down. Thankfully they haven’t done that to the one where I live.

  4. Jerad, baby, I love you with all my heart and I’ll stand behind you no matter what. It’s true that its not fair that i can’t have a gun because you live with me. I know its not right that my rights get taken away from me because I live in the same home as you but I would love to see them try and enforce that. My love for you is deep and forever and fuck what they have to say cause they have no right to do what they say is not right. I love you and as I said before I stand beside you forever.

    • Shuttup you evil wench. Go kill yourself before you hurt someone else. Do the honorable thing. You and Jerad kill yourselves and save the world a lot of anguish. Kill yourselves and no one else.

  5. An opinion from the EU. My suggestion is for you to sell up, marry your fiancé and leave the USA, as soon as possible.

    The US regime is very evidently currently going through an extremist “fascist cycle” in the Hegelian Dialectic — and it could get much worse. The whole Nazi Germany bit again, (FEMA) concentration camps, mass deaths etc.

    Wise Germans (& wise Khazars) left Germany between 1933 and 1939. Wise Americans, who can think like you, for themselves, should leave now, ASAP. Remember that the Police, TSA, CIA, FBI, NSA, National Guard, US Military etc. are all brainwashed state-sponsored hired henchmen thug terrorists of this evil, mass murdering, war criminal, Neo-Nazi, pariah US regime.

    These state-sponsored hired henchmen thug terrorists are mind-programmed and mind-enslaved Zombies, who are also “wage slaves” working for the interests of the gangster capitalist criminal “elite” oligarchy, located at the “top” of the social pyramid (or as turds floating in a cesspool).

    These servile terrorists have been mind-programmed to regard people like you as “the enemy” and they will exterminate you if you provoke them. Actually “Jerad” you have written a rather “provocative” post above — and these sub-human, state-sponsored, hired henchmen thug terrorists have probably run you through their computer systems to identify you already. This might make them even more likely to murder you (and your fiancé) if they decided to raid your house.

    Now you might hope that these state-sponsored hired henchmen thug terrorists might grow a brain, wise-up and stop being servile little slave cretins of the evil oligarchy, but I really would not want to wait for that to happen, if I were you. After all, if these evil collaborating servile sewer scum had even half a brain, they would never have become state sponsored terrorists in the first place!

    If any US Police, TSA, CIA, FBI, NSA, National Guard, US Military etc. state sponsored terrorists are reading this, then they should STOP BEING CRIMINALS and stop being hired henchmen thug terrorist enforcers for the evil US Regime and evil oligarchy. Try to remember your Constitution, try to study a bit of law, try to remember the commandment that “Thou Shalt Not Kill” (what part of that are you too stupid to comprehend?), STOP SERVING the evil 1%, like an idiotic robot and start THINKING for yourself for a change! Start protecting the 99% of Americans from the 1% evil oligarchy who are the ENEMY of the 99%!

    US Military personnel, stop fighting illegal wars of aggression on bogus false flag pretexts like 9/11! Remember Nuremberg! Ignorance of International Law is NO EXCUSE!

    “Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience … Therefore [individual citizens] have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring.”- Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal

    “The charges in the indictment that the defendants planned and waged aggressive wars are charges of the utmost gravity. War is essentially an evil thing. Its consequences are not confined to the belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world. To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.” International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, 1946

    • I wish we could leave. As a felon however I’m not allowed to leave the country. I’m currently trying to change the hearts and minds of the people in my community. Ending the war on drugs is just one step to ending they corruption and tyranny in the USA. The war on drugs is just a scam. Doing some drugs causes critical thinking to envelope and the government doesnt want that. They dont want people aware of what they are doing. I do not wish to harm anyone, but, I will not let anyone harm me or my family.

      • Don’t leave the country, it only shows that the powers that be got to you, then succumed to their wim. Listening to reports coming out of the E.U. and everywhere else for that matter, no country in the world is safe from oppression. You can’t go south, if you do the Cartels will just get you. If you go north the mounties will lock you up for speaking your maind. In my opinion I would say try a different state. Arkansas is a nice state, very pro 2nd and 4th admendment, lots of room for a growing family. The real only bad thing is the “Good ol’ Boy” coulrruption you see, but even that can turn into a good thing, depending on how far you get in with those kind of people. But I would have to say the best thing about Arkansas is, that the rest of the country doesn’t really know we are here. Even with the Rockefellars owning most of th state. The state constitution is really there for citizens right and properity rights.

        But really it’s all up to you and your women. Is it realy so bad that you would leave family and friends behind? Is it so bad that you let them win, even though I could tell by the way you told you story, that it is pissing you off.

        I made that decision 12 years ago to leave California. All of my family still lives out there, I only have friends out here in Arkansas. Stay strong and think hard. Live fo Freedom, or Die for Nothing.

      • Of course Jerad selling or consuming hemp is not a real crime. You were harming no other person (or even yourself) — so where was the crime? You are not a “felon” but an innocent dissident victim of an evil terrorist regime. Hemp is just another leaf in the natural world and it is full of great healing chemicals. It is a cure for many diseases, including cancer.

        The poisonous industrial chemicals that these criminal terrorists in the US regime want you to take are designed to close down your ability to think for yourself — and they are possibly designed to slow (soft) kill you, with plausible deniability, like the fake “food” and the genetically modified “food” they sell you in the USA. Or the poisons in the water supply. The tyrannical US Regime is a mass murdering, war criminal, terrorist regime.

        If you cannot YET leave the USA, can you move to another less oppressive state, whilst still on probation, like Jeremiah has suggested? Listen to your heart and to your feral mind and to your spirit guides to show you the way.

        If the state sponsored hired henchmen thug terrorists continue to persecute you, remember that they are just brainless brainwashed zombies, who need some forgiveness, because they know not what they do. They may have wives, girlfriends, parents and children who love them and violence towards them is not the best way to try to teach them anything, it will just make them more psychopathic (Psycho-soul, Pathic-sick). It is hard to be philosophical (Philo-love, Sophia-wisdom) sometimes, but remember that each of us is here (in this “reality”) on a life path to learn some important lessons, even them.

  6. You broke the law and got caught. That sucks for you. Man up. Do your probation, live clean, take the classes and drive on.

    • I broke an unconstitutional law. If i had stolen from somebody I would man up and do my time. This however is wrong. Leeching money from me after they destroyed my life and reputation. You go on and think its ok to jail people for doing drugs, and we will continue to have the highest prison rate in the world. So many tax payers dollars have been swindled by the drug war, for what?

      • You broke a law that you didn’t like. Is the law wrong. Probably but it doesn’t make the law unconstitutional. Pay the fine, do the time. Move on from this mistake. You can recover from this.

        Your life is not over, your reputation can be rebuilt. It is going to take time and hard work.

        You have my sympathy and my prayers.

      • jerad said on May 28, 2012
        I broke an unconstitutional law. If i had stolen from somebody I would man up and do my time. This however is wrong. Leeching money from me after they destroyed my life and reputation. You go on and think its ok to jail people for doing drugs, and we will continue to have the highest prison rate in the world. So many tax payers dollars have been swindled by the drug war, for what?

        I don’t know if it is technically “unconstitutional” or not for the evil US regime to invent stupid and evil laws. The US constitution is just a “scrap of paper” anyway, so who cares, certainly not George W. Bush and other political filth.

        This “drugs” subject is just a rerun of the stupid anti-alcohol prohibition “laws” which created so much death and destruction in the USA in the 20th Century. Prohibition inevitably creates crime and creates massive profits for the criminal oligarchy that owns the USA and owns the farmed humanoid goyim peasant sheeple living in the USA. The “OFU” or One Fodder Units. Many evil US oligarchs became immensely wealthy criminal dynasties in the 20th Century because of alcohol prohibition.

        If the 1% evil oligarchy had not made hemp illegal for US branded peasants to own, eat, grow or smoke, they could not then sell hemp and other “illegal” drugs at a huge profit to the peasants BECAUSE it is illegal.

        Skull & Bones was founded on 19th Century “Opium War” drug money and the CIA is called the Cocaine Import Agency for very good reasons. If you were an evil oligarch then the hired henchmen thug terrorist police and the “legal” scum of the Freemasonic “Court” system of fake “justice” (that only applies to the farmed peasant slaves of the 99%) would have left you alone. If you had been caught by the DEA importing many pounds of drugs like cocaine or heroin, for the CIA, in a light aircraft, they would have also left you alone or would have released you very quickly, with an apology. Your misfortune was to be born a member of the farmed 99% of peasant slaves, rather than the farming 1% of evil oligarchs.

        If this evil criminal terrorist regime put you in prison that ALSO gives the evil oligarchy profits because privatised prison is big business in the USA, so each extra prisoner increases the corporate dividend payments to the oligarchs, who own the gangster capitalist fascist corporatocracy.

        ‪The Handbook of Human Ownership‬

  7. dude, that’s exactly how they want you to think so you make a statistic of yourself AND another example supporting DHS’s absurd “you might be a terrorist if” shtick. it IS heartbreaking but it is not yet time to be thinking these thoughts. abide a while. you are more useful as a voice than as a dead lion.

    • I do not want to kill cops. Im not advocating doing it. I’m not going to go out and find a cop and shoot them. But, if they come to take me away, I would rather die than go to jail or a fema re-education camp when I have done nothing to hurt another human being.

  8. I have a very clean record, and never push it. I dont drink, smoke, or party. Gave that all up years ago. I keep it so clean I know if someone did show with a warrant, it would be the wrong address or based on lies.

    So brother I am at a point in my life, one that most of my family sadly does not share, but my point is I will not allow my rights to be violated, I will not allow my property to be violated, by anyone period.

    I have watched countless times as one of the first things these criminal entry teams do is shot your dog. That is my property, I have the right to defend my property with DEADLY force. and by God I swear if they shot my dog, talking would be done, and I will teach them how to wage war. Taking as many as I can down before I drop. I am just at that point.

    Looked in the mirror one day and made that choice, that is it, Live Free or Die for real, not just words.
    And honestly you know what, it was a sobering moment and it felt as if a weight left my shoulders

  9. mike said on May 28, 2012

    according to Gods law you shouldnt

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