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November 16, 2012 in Offbeat


I don’t know if you exist out there. I need to build a very small circle of friends with like minds in Austin, TX. I’m talking a group of people, that I count no more the fingers on one hand, including myself. There may be only one of you in this immediate location. I will start from here/there. I have friends of like mind, but they are not local. I need people that I can interface with, face to face, at least on a weekly basis. My criteria may be too idealistic, but here it goes:

1) Not afraid to discuss the esoteric (thus the title)
2) Lean more orthodox than fundamentalist in a Judeo-Christian mindset (ideally a Confessional Lutheran)
3) Enjoy drinking alcohol (especially Shiner Bock et al)
4) At least have an appreciation for heavy aggresive music (especially Sacred Warrior, The Sacrificed, Theocracy, etc.)
5) Not afraid of guns or self-defense by any measure (I am an Eagle Scout and USMC veteran)

If you think you are that person(s), or close enough, contact me.

See craigslist (Austin) for a more detailed posting under same subject.

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