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The Mad Farmer Manifesto: The First Amendment

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January 23, 2013 in Offbeat



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That is the glimmering vein
of our sanity, dividing from us
from the start: land under us
to steady us when we stood,
free men in the great communion
of the free. The vision keeps
lighting in my mind, a window
on the horizon in the dark.

To be sane in a mad time
is bad for the brain, worse
for the heart. The world
is a holy vision, had we clarity
to see it——a clarity men
depend on men to make.

It is ignorant money I declare
myself free from, money fat
and dreaming in its sums, driving
us into the streets of absence,
stranding the pasture trees
in the deserted language of banks.

And I declare myself free
from ignorant love. You easy lovers
and forgivers of mankind, stand back!
I will love you at a distance,
and not because you deserve it.
My love must be discriminate
or fail to bear its weight.


by Wendell Berry

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1 response to The Mad Farmer Manifesto: The First Amendment

  1. You who would offend God
    would dare to ask Him again for grace
    that He may tythe you with the gift
    of knowledge. Alas, now you know
    the seriousness of your transgression.

    The King has strings to pull but
    the twine pulls tight against
    the conscience of his subjects.

    As the ground gives way beneath your feet
    and you hear the final trumpet blast,
    in shock and awe watch the light
    disappear to a point ne’er again
    within your grasp.

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