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The Hermit, Bugging Out

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November 20, 2012 in Offbeat


I ran across this video, it’s about a guy who’s had some trauma in his life who did the ultimate “bug out”, a sort of modern day Jerimiah Johnson. Poignant, funny, a little sad, worth watching.

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3 responses to The Hermit, Bugging Out

  1. I think this is the way people are supposed to live, hunting, gathering, sleeping out, moving on. I think the invention of “civilization” by the old kings descended of “gods” (Nephillim, Reptilians, whatever) was the first “Agenda 21″, dumbed us down, enslaved us to taxes, the government, and most of all, enslaved us to what the neighbors think.

  2. Makes you wonder who’s really crazy, him or the civilization he left.

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