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The evidence shows that humans are neutral paws in a cosmic battle of “Nordic Aliens vs. Reptilians”

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March 23, 2013 in Offbeat


While the subjects of extraterrestrials and UFO’s is not something Infowars discusses (unless of course when David Icke is on the show and talks about the Reptilian Archons), I believe that ignoring the alien/UFO issue is quite asinine since there is a lot of evidence to show aliens are in contact with Earth and that is obviously of HUGE PREACTICAL SIGNIFICANCE! And with that being said, I would like to present some of the evidence to back this up, and probably the most shocking thing about this is that it shows that humans are neutral pawns in an extraterrestrial battle.

First off, I have studied the work of David Icke and I firmly believe that he deserves a lot more credit for his claim that the reason life is so unfair/unjust/confusing is because many of our political/corporate leaders are actually interdimensional reptile-like entities who masquerade as humans so they can manipulate our reality in negative ways in order to feed off of the energy that we emit while in a state of fear. I also believe he is right about his claim that the Grey aliens are a species of pink-skinned reptilians and their gray body is actually a jumpsuit of sorts and those big black eyes are goggles.

I have also studied the work of one-armed Swiss farmer Billy Meier who has claimed contact by a race of human-like ET’s with blond hair and blue eyes known as the Nordic Aliens, and I think Meier is not a liar. The Nordics are also known as the Pleiadians or Plejaren since they come from the area of the sky known as the Pleiades. The Nordics are of a higher state of consciousness than us and as such space and time are less of a burden to them, and Meier has even said that they have the ability to use their consciousness to power their spacecraft. He has also said that the Nordics say that Earth truly belongs to them.

Well, it just so happens that in a Discovery Channel special called, “Did Aliens Build The Pyramids?” an alien contactee named Lyssa Royal Holt said that she uses remote viewing (which is very real, the CIA uses it) to speak with an alien claiming to be from the Pleiades named Sasha who said that the Pleiadians colonized locations around outer space many years ago and they colonized Mars and Earth. I have no doubt that Sasha is a Nordic Alien and I also have no doubt that the ancient civilization ruins on Mars that Richard C. Hoagland talks about (such as Cydonia) are remnants of Nordic Alien colonies. And in his book “The Biggest Secret,” David Icke talks about how before the great solar system cataclysm of 6800 years ago there was a blond-haired blue-eyed race of humanlike aliens on Mars which he refers to as the Aryan Martians (which is the blond-haired blue-eyed race that Hitler was so obsessed with.) Well, I have no doubt that the Nordic Aliens and the Aryan Martians are one and the same, and I also believe that ancient civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria were Nordic Alien colonies and some sacred sites like the Giza pyramids in Egypt (which resemble the Cydonia area on Mars) were Nordic Alien bases scattered around the world. And Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa, who has provided Icke with lots of information, has stated that Africans have legends of the Nordic Aliens.

But this is only the beginning. An Australian consciousness expert and alien contactee named George Kavassilas has stated that about 7000 years ago before the great Solar System cataclysm the Reptilians (which he and David Icke said have leaders who come from the Draco constellation which is why they are sometimes called the Draconian Empire) went to war with the Pleiadians, and the Reptilians eventually gained the upper hand. He has also said that the Moon is a giant spaceship which belonged to the Pleiadians before the Reptilians gained control of the Reptilian-Pleiadian war and took control of the Moon in the process. This is quite similar to how David Icke talks in his book about how the Reptilians and Aryan Martians went to war for control of Earth, and Icke also believes the Moon is a giant Reptilian spaceship. Also, Kavassilas has said that George Lucas (who is not a fool and knows what is really going on) modeled some of the battles in the Star Wars movies after the battles between the Reptilians and Plejaren.

So if you connect the dots, you can come to the conclusion that the Nordic Aliens and the Reptilians are in a cosmic battle that has lasted several millennia and we humans are neutral pawns in this battle, and the reason the Reptilians have control over us today is because they gained the upper hand in that battle. The Nordics, however, are trying to regain control of that battle and that is why they are contacting certain humans like Billy Meier to inform us that in order to overcome evil we must expand our consciousness. This is quite similar to how David Icke always says that we must overcome evil by expanding our consciousness. So in a sense, the Reptilians and Nordics are both trying to take over the Earth, but the Reptilians want to conquer Earth to exterminate and enslave humanity while the Nordics want to conquer Earth so they can reclaim what was rightfully theirs and live in peace and harmony with humanity in a state of high level consciousness. Unless you are profoundly retarded, I cannot imagine why you would want to side with the Reptilians.

Other alien contactees have said that there are aliens of an even higher consciousness than the Nordic Aliens who watch over the universe, and they work on galactic councils known as the Andromeda Council and the Galactic Federation of Light and there are some Nordic Aliens on those councils. This is a subject for another article, but I bet that George Lucas intended for the Jedi Council to symbolize these galactic councils. Also, numerous consciousness experts (including George Kavassilas) have said that humans are “star seeds” and are a genetic combination of many different races around the cosmos, and some humans have Reptilian and Nordic Alien genetics in them. But that too is a subject for another article.

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  1. You can’t be serious….

    • Why do you say that I can’t be serious? Is it cuz you believe what I am saying and can’t come to grips with this fact of reality, or do you think I’m a lunatic?
      I can’t say that I didn’t do my best to connect the dots to come to this conclusion.

  2. And what proof is there that Aliens and Reptilians Exists? Let alone who’s side we are on.

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