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The Coming Civil War in America!

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February 25, 2017 in Offbeat



To President Trump and the People of The Most High God:

Understand, that the NWO is ultimately based in ancient religions.
The modern NWO is a beast with many heads.
The Three main Satanic groups are:
1) The Khazarian Mafia of Rothschild Central Banksters and their Descendant Groups. (i.e. Round Table Groups, etc.)
2) The Jesuit controlled Vatican/Masonic P2 Lodge (Italy) – (.i.e. Illuminati Satanists who control the Secret Societies)
3) The UN – United Nations

The Khazarians created Communism, Socalism, Naziism, etc.

As of the end of 2015, the RCC – Catholic Pope is now the defacto Leader of the NWO!
The Vatican will cause a Civil War in America!
The Vatican does not support Nationalism! The Pope is the Leader of the Climate Change World Wide Hoax.

The Vatican caused the fall of the Soviet Union by directing the Strike in Poland that divided the Soviet Union.
The Vatican was behind the Illegal Mexican Invasion of America from 2005 to the Present.

Catholics have been Infiltrating, Subverting, and Subjugating all Secret Societies, Religions, and Governments from within.
They are now infiltrating all Companies and Corporations to control who works, and the Power over the workers, from within.

These Infil-trators are what is referred to as the Deep State!
The Deep State has become Layers of Bureaucrats infesting All Levels of Government, Religion, and Company’s/Corporations.

The State of New Mexico has been completely taken over by 2008, as well as the region around St. Cloud, MN.

Unfortunately, one must basically adopt a philosophy that ‘Once a Catholic always a Catholic’ in order to survive.
The Catholic Jesuit Motto is “The End Justifies the Means’. Clearly a Satanic Profession.

The Khazarian Mafia is now being taken down world wide – leaving the Jesuit Pope on the Top of the Heap.

The Catholics will do anything to win, they are organized, mind controlled and ready to initiate a takeover on the Pope’s command. (Just like in Poland)

The Catholics have reinstituted the occult practices of Sorcery in the world. They are seizing the spiritual high ground.

If you do not understand who is at the root of the conspiracy, you will fall to their devices.

Only real genuine faith through prayer and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ can prevent the coming slaughter.

Directed Group Prayer, in agreement, is the greatest Power Christians have to fight the Dark Side.

Truth first and foremost in All Things!

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