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Straight and Narrow Path

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November 9, 2012 in Offbeat


It is the path your mind takes. Every little step driven towards the right direction matters greatly. Corrupted forces mean to divert unto the opposite direction. The path you must follow is very important, for what is your destination? Never be ungrateful for any present opportunity of life. We are currently still free men but we might not have that honor much longer unless repentance and a realization of something greater, free the minds of men before the psyops burdens society into further disintegration of common sense. The truth is a zone you must seek. Best to step into the light where reality is clear.

Live Learn

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  1. “What does God need with a starship?”, Captain Kirk.

  2. I bought this computer for $10 and obviously don’t have enough money to ship it to you. I already told you that I’m done wasting my time with you and that you’re banned from commenting on my posts. This is my last time reminding you that I’m going to delete your comments from now on. Stay away unless you stop being so deliberately foolish and cease mocking my Lord.

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