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something amazing happened

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October 19, 2017 in Offbeat


I was in the middle of vaping some weed when my dad came knocking at my door. He wanted to chill for a lil while so we talked in my doorway about some deep topics. My dad is in his sixties and has still let me live here with my fam where I grew up at. Partly that’s maybe because I’ll rub his ankles, shoulders, back and that kinda thing ever since I was a child been pretty good at it. Since the dude weighs more than me he wanted me to walk on his back. For most of my life I’ve skated and so made alot of impact on the ground, body and all… at fast speeds and high, long distances. Skateboarding has alot to do with your feet so I’ve had more experience with that than most. Now here’s the whole fucking point of why I’m writing all this down.

We went into the living room where he can lay on the ground and I can get some support from the armrest of a sofa so that I don’t directly put all of my weight on his back. While I was massaging his back with my feet/weight for his spine, we both noticed the airpurifier next to us was fluctuating in power–going on and off. Whenever I stepped off my dad’s back it’d instantly start fully working again.–[Sidenote:Mind you the cord was plugged in away from us into the nearby wall/socket.] We even tested this out multiple times and that kept happening. I’m bare feet as I usually am so didn’t have any socks on so it’s not like we’re generating alot of static–and as a minor detail, he was wearing a tee shirt. I ended up temporarily turning off the electronic because I didn’t want it to short circuit. With those conditions we couldn’t have had generated enough static to consistently have that happen so it must’ve been our energy. Obviously it could be “something in the air too”, but this was something I’ve never seen before. He is pretty much all Celtic and Hungarian now passed down to me. Maybe that has something to do with what people would consider as magical. If I saw this broadcasted I’d think it was a trick but witnessing this directly… I’m kinda blown away right now.

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