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SLOPD Pull People Over in Corporate “Good Driver” PR Stunt

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December 28, 2013 in Offbeat


Kim M., California Correspondent
Planet Infowars
December 28, 2013

Christmas came a little early this year for drivers who were randomly pulled over by SLOPD for “demonstrating good driving habits.”

“I look in my rearview mirror. My heart pounds. Red lights of a police vehicle whirl behind me. A siren blares and a deep voice bellows: ‘Pull over to the right, please.’ What have I done?” asked Julie Young Dorman in a recent “Letter to the Editor.”

Yes, you too could have experienced the heart-pounding thrill of being detained without probable cause by the Nanny Police State December 11 – 24, 2013…

Only to be “presented with a gift certificate for $15.00 to Food-4-Less to thank you for making our streets safer this holiday season!”


Who’s cheaper?

The drivers who passively surrender their liberty for a measly $15.00 gift certificate?

Or the corporate (fill-in-the-blankety-blank-blanks) who are “just doing their job”?

“Seriously… we now have to go through the stress of being pulled over by a police officer because we are driving well. Our SLO police department is now doing promotions for a grocery chain. That’s where our taxpayer dollars are going?” ~ Julie Young Dorman, “No pullovers, thanks”

But, predictably, not everyone is grumbling about the trivialization and – quite frankly – abuse of our right to be secure in our person and effects as we go about our daily business:

“Heck: I’d take a gift certificate, a bag of apples or just a pat on the back to be recognized as a good driver by a member of law enforcement. And I thought it was the season to be jolly. Perhaps a lump of coal in Julie Young Dorman’s Christmas stocking will brighten her day.” ~ Debbie Mitchell, “Why be upset?”

So this is how liberty dies? To the patronizing sound of a pat on the back?



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