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Seriously, this forum is dead.

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January 12, 2013 in Offbeat


Am i wrong? Does anyone even read threads on here? Most of the threads on here have no replies, even if they have really well written and original content, and spam threads just remain for weeks. What’s the point of staying here?

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13 responses to Seriously, this forum is dead.

  1. Maybe if people would stop writing “articles” where the only thing they do is paste a link to someone else’s article or to a video? Most of the stuff I click on is jus links to other sites. Sorry but I want to actually read a users written article.

  2. I am not here every day on this site but I learn a lot of great information that I pass on to others. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a lot of reply’s you info is still getting spread around the world.

  3. The obama administration will start a big public outcry with this move against guns. i look forward to your thoughts. gotta go to work now.

  4. I agree with you.

  5. I have always wondered why there is not a forum here, and seeing this post, I search for forums real hard and can not find. In my account there is 2 items, topics started and topics replied to by me. But since I have never been able to find the forums, clicking those just opens a page saying I have tot posted any.

  6. The thing is, a major reason for the problem is how the public forum is structured. It only sorts threads according to when the first post was made, not the last reply, and it doesn’t even show how many replies there are to each thread. Add a increasing number of spam threads, and semi-spam threads by “real” users making dozens of threads at once about personal things, and a lot of would-be readers just won’t give a fig.

    • Yeah, an old fashioned forum would be better for interaction than a Word Press blog. Topics can’t really be discussed, because there is no real way to keep track of it. If the site is busy, then stuff rolls off the front page before you can respond, and it’s hard to find in searches.

  7. I scan through and read articles I find interesting everyday so keep writing.

  8. Yeah the forum is a waste of time. The real value of this site is in meeting with people in your area then doing things together in the real world.

  9. Yeah, I know, how many groups are there? I join, start conversations, and nothing. Even the people who start the groups disappear. But hey, WE are still here, and maybe the wheat has been sifted from the chaff? Like, the serious from the silly? Now that it’s been thinned out, perhaps we should stretch our wings!

  10. So, start telling people about it.
    Do something about it.

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