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running missions and killing demons

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June 20, 2017 in Offbeat


It’s been a while but the dream was epic to say the least…. I ain’t gonna go over all the details but it got pretty intense. The first part of the dream I was at what I thought was an amusement park with a small group of people trying to solve what we thought was a mystery looking for an artifact. The biggest detail I remember is us getting into a conference class room that had a long curved table with a female professor, they were all about to take a written test and we managed to blend in even though we were late and she had her suspicions. None of us studied for some shit like that so some of us were helping each other out. I started skimming through the pages of tests and then professor noticed and said I shouldn’t do that but I kept doing it anyways.. then soon found out that the test was endless and it kept growing thicker the more you did. We realized it was a trap and got out of there without getting much. It took a while and we did complete our mission but they sorta tried to leave us hanging in suspense. Then we was shown that there was one final part which was supposedly a new ride… there was a long line stretching for like a mile but we got put ahead of most people. Well I got tricked… that shit wasn’t a fucking amusement ride. It’s hard to describe what I saw next but they put a group of us onto a platform that dropped down into like another dimension. It was an awesome sight… but not so much after where we ended up, it appeared to be a long abandoned deep missile silo or something like that with stair wells going along the wall, had rooms everywhere and lots of old dusty military equipment/furniture. The place was infested with demonic creatures and a lot of them were some big ugly mothafuckas. They didn’t look human, they were beast like monsters. We were all strapped up but still suffered heavy casualties. We had to get to the very bottom where the main facility was. We split up into pairs. My partner and I each got into some strange large complex almost tank like machines but he died and I really fucked them up. There was only three of us who got out of there alive. We had to find our way back to the silo after we got separated and climb back up the stairs… then hop onto the platform which lifted us out of there. After that I got sent back in there at least two more times and those went a lot smoother. The second time we did run into a demon covered in darkness that could morph… not to anything particular like ‘the thing’ but it was a lot scarier looking the way it moved. Shit was hard to describe and it nearly got us. The last time went very well but that’s probably because we already killed a lot of them… though this last squad did seem the most elite, I saw some of them kill those big demons like it was nothing. I hardly had to do much because they were so skilled. We got whatever they came there for… but we didn’t have much time because they rigged the place to blow up. Most of us made it out, I recall even someone saving a wounded person and carrying him out. What pissed me off is that the platform took off before the two women with us could get on. Now that I think about it they were probably just androids because they didn’t have really any expression of fear on their faces…. but I didn’t know so I reached down to the only one within my reach since she was taller and pulled her up onto the platform… then we made it back to the surface. Next thing I remember is being out in the open on a sunny day near a little office by itself up on this hill. That squad I was with were lined up receiving awards and new titles from a general. They had me standing separate though by myself. I ended up going conscious all of the sudden… and I asked the general where’s my reward. He took me to the side of the building where the others couldn’t see us and explained some shit which now I don’t remember what he said. But then he gave me a purple heart like he did to everyone else but I don’t think he was suppose to give me one yet he planned to. I got the vibe that at least those people in the elite squad don’t like me very much. And I don’t like to be tricked… maybe that’s why they maybe hated me is because they know I wouldn’t volunteer but am extremely useful in combat. Overall it was a good time probably because I always got out alive and I admit those huge demons are really the only thing that I enjoy killing. Though what ain’t very fun is being sent into a deep dark place especially not knowing why other than I better kill if I wanted to live to see another day.

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