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June 18, 2017 in Offbeat


These conscious dreams are wearing me the fuck out the I start to see what’s really going on in that realm. Overcoming their deception within me is something I have no choice but to face all the challenges. That’s probably why I cannot escape whenever I want to anymore unless I decide to wake myself up. Last night in my dreams got tested twice. First dream seemed to be about materialism and just letting things go whether if it was wrongfully taken from me or not… to be wise enough to just move on and focus on what’s really important in life, materials ain’t a fucking big deal. I was unconscious the whole time and straight failed that test.

I hate being weighed down by all these materials. Reselling items on the internet used to make me a lot of money. Mostly was selling various electronic items, supplements, and whatever I could get a deal on. Every time I started making a lot of easy fast money then usually within a month they’d ban me from the main marketplace. They always hit me unexpectedly too, now having all this product sit around for so long that I only bought to flip… what’s really annoying is I don’t really have much use if any for all this crap. It sucks and I’m to the point where I’d want to get rid of it if it weren’t for me being in society stuck using money… with not much of a choice but to hustle stuff or work like a slave mostly just for another man’s profit. Really wanna get to a place soon where I can just leave most of my shit if not all of it behind. Having too much shit probably makes anybody mad, that’s probably what they call entitlement. Driving through my side of town, being in this city for so long… it’s like watching everything in place morph in slow motion before my very eyes. All this consumerism is sickening, the amount of stores not far from here is mind boggling. They’ll even have the same exact store only a couple miles apart and have to wonder about the insanity of that. Maybe that’s why I find trees so comforting because they’re actually alive, all they do is grow and are about the only things that remains most familiar. Nature used to really flourish here… how could any material be more sacred than life?

The other dream was just chilling on my back porch with a group of people around my age who in real life I have no fucking idea who they are but in the dream felt like I must’ve somehow knew them. There was some chick coming onto me who any regular worldly guy would’ve wanted to bang. At first I didn’t realize what she was attempting, thought she was just being friendly… she was very slick about how she was trying to seduce me. Since I was unconscious and didn’t have all my wits among me she got close to drawing me into her seduction. On my way walking through the front yard to hop in an SUV with all them I had my suspicions that I was in the dream realm… did a couple little tests to confirm that I’m only dreaming and was sorta lowkey about it just in case they were paying attention. I got into the car anyways and it was so packed in the backseat that she was pretty much all up on me. Probably should’ve kept it cool and see where they were going to try to take me… could’ve done some recon or whatever to figure out more about how the dream realm operates.. but something she said freaked me out too much to stay there and had to get away from that likely conscious entity. She phrased it in a strange way which made it even more creepy… what she basically said was that ‘no man ever says no to her’. I’m instantly like whoa, been warned about females like her before…..I didn’t say shit back and woke myself up right away. Got rewarded with powerful energy surging within me during the transition of sleep to fully awakening so at least I passed that test but could’ve done better. The only reason I passed it was because I’m already in love and if it wasn’t for my woman than that chick probably would’ve had me. Bet she was the type of female who used their sexual prowess to lead a lot of males into hell… plus the females who decided to imitate that kind of shit as well.

I take it from those dreams that there are much more ways to be killed than physical attacks. Holding onto the world or falling for seduction can be just as destructive. It’s becoming very obvious that while conscious dreaming I have to be very elusive which isn’t exactly easy for me because I prefer to be blunt. I should put more effort towards gaining new abilities… maybe that’s all these tests have really been about. Better start passing them all or I could get into some really deep shit. It’s good to know love is what they’re really afraid of. Once I pass enough of these tests well enough than they’re going to want to leave me alone. If it comes down to it I’ll cause an uprising in the dream realm and atleast in my section I’m going to make it a natural paradise as far I can. Thank goodness decided to write about my experience last night. Now I’m not feeling dismayed since I finally know what must be done. No longer are any of them going to get in my way or sway me. I don’t care anymore how powerful they think that they’re… they’ve wouldn’t have put so much effort fucking with me as much as they have if I wasn’t a massive threat to all the shitty shit they’re doing. I can tell they push men with the goal to make them fall, what they might not have realized is the unintended consequences of it having the opposite effect. The problem is they just can’t help themselves…. fallen people like to see others fallen just make themselves feel higher. That about all there is to it. And it’s funny… knowing why they intensified their attacks let me know what they fear the most.. combination of man and woman being love together. The sacred connection and acknowledging the Creator’s perfection. Also know why those entities don’t like earth’s paradise and chose the world is because they like being among the dead. I won’t be trapped in the system forever and striving getting freedom even in the dream realm will be well worth everything that I had to go through. Once again I’m going to adjust my strategy… because I’m coming to realize that the unconscious entities do listen to me and probably will follow my commands so they might be very very useful when I start an uprising in the dream realm. See.. what the other conscious entities got wrong is running missions and battles instead of doing what needs to be done within themselves.

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