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January 12, 2018 in Offbeat


There are alot of people who ain’t themselves and haven’t looked within because they might be surprised by what they see. The civilized think being fake is polite but really it doesn’t get more insulting than that. Obvious ass statements tho…

I’m currently sitting here watching a waterfall on tv. It’s making me feel like I am far off in space station by resorting to watching nature through this screen even tho the earth is right here. But no.. to the world there are ‘more important things’ like earning a ‘living’ by spending life or killing time.

Hearing the freezing rain right now is awesome, the cracking sounds of the ice and the flow of water. I could even hear the sky rumbling. Speaking on that reminds me of a dream I had. My dreams these past couple days have been regular ones and the other night I remember having only one dream. My sister had just given birth to another child, this time a girl. We all casually gathered in celebration at someone’s house. Most of the time I was just going around talking with people. At some point I was chillen in the backyard with a group of people, mostly females who I didn’t recognize. They were getting a kick out of my responses because of how simple minded I can be. I went back inside for a while and when I came back outside my good woman friend who I love very much was sitting on a bench alone alongside the house. She wasn’t happy at all about something and got the sense she had been avoiding being around the people there which is probably something I would normally do. I’m not really into socializing. Well she was watching the three workers wearing blue jumpsuits dismantling a playscape on the other side of the yard. She told me that they were police and she had overheard her and I were being profiled. Well they were especially profiling her but me as well for even something simple as wearing sweatpants. I was slightly confused about why they would be tearing the playscape down at this time but figured it was normal enough. Plus I’ve long been used to the police fucking with me. Yet for whatever no good reasons out of everyone there they were only discriminating against us two.

It wasn’t until long after I woke up and I was listening to her speaking freely on a livestream that she said something which made some sense of the dream I had. She said something to the extent of; why won’t people just enjoy earth like a playground, like one big life party… So that made sense of why the ‘authorities’ were dismantling the playscape. Their uniforms symbolized that they’re actively working to make sure the earth ain’t a playground/people aren’t free. Also I suppose she was upset partially because the party was full of alot of false pleasantries. And I could easily guess why we were being profiled out of everybody there as a threat to the system. I kinda shrugged it off in the dream but didn’t realize there at that moment they weren’t just accusing us of being dangerous they were convinced and probably wanted to hurt us. Wish I was lucid right then because I would’ve liked to have confronted those three entities.

It was pretty refreshing having a couple normal nights sleep. But really I need to get back to taking care of business in the dream realm. I gotta make more progress and find out exactly what’s going on.

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