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prisonplanet.tv broadcast and rebroadcast “stream utility”

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February 4, 2013 in Offbeat


This is my first time on Planet Infowars forums, so I’m not sure if anybody has brought this up. It’s somewhat trivial, but… I’ve been a member of prisonplanet.tv for about 2 years and I’ve found the utility they use to stream the video is QUITE frustrating… I’m unable to adjust my video quality(so I can’t watch without 20 second breaks every minute), and when I’m watching a rebroadcast, for whatever reason the video stops playing, then I’m unable to fast forward to where I was at?!?! It drives me crazy and I wish they would get something more versatile for streaming their videos… Just an idea…I have a damn good computer with a DSL connection, soooo, just thought I would mention this..

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