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Possible MKUltra False Flag Ritual?

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November 22, 2012 in Offbeat


Opinions, Infowarriors. Does this look like 1) Possible mind control assasin? 2)False Flag 3) Illuminati Ritual killings. This story has some red flags:


1) There is some strong evidence this is the killer, such as security camera footage, contact with the victims, curious questions to other possible, potential victims. Yet, he denies everything. “A pharmacy worker recognized Perrone, 63, as the balding man shown in surveillance footage leaving the scene of the most recent shooting, on Nov. 16, with a duffel bag, police said… Another shopkeeper came forward and said Perrone had gone into his store and questioned him about whether he worked alone and when he closed.” Also, “Detectives said they found the duffel bag at Perrone’s girlfriend’s home. Inside, they said, was a sawed-off rifle used in the killings, along with .22-caliber ammunition, black gloves, women’s clothing, a bloody knife and a bottle of bleach. Perrone’s fingerprint was lifted from the murder weapon.”

2) The murder victims were all shop keepers from Muslim countries. Were They trying to stir up racial and ethnic tensions? But then, it appears once the police caught this guy, that did not appear to be a motive. “Initially, authorities thought the killer might have targeted the Brooklyn shopkeepers, who were from Iran and Egypt, because of their Middle Eastern backgrounds. But on Wednesday, Kelly said there was no motive he could speak of.”

3) There were numbers and triangles (pyramids) involved… tell tale sign of an Illuminati ritual? “There were other similarities in the deaths, authorities said: The bodies were all partially obscured, by clothing or, in one case, a box. The locations of the shops form an equilateral triangle and are about 4 miles apart, with addresses that contain the number eight.”

I don’t think all these cases are “patsies”, I think sometimes, the police actually catch the killers, and it looks like they got this one before he could fully complete whatever pattern he was creating.


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