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Planning a weekend getaway from Mumbai to Lonavala

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April 9, 2017 in Offbeat


In the event that you are planning a weekend getaway from Mumbai, your best choice will be Lonavala as the place is placed at a perfect distance from the city and also fulfills the purpose for your wanting to make the trip in the whole place – to get away from the city and spend a quiet time with nature.

As exciting and fun a city like Mumbai may be, after a point of time, the city life gets monotonous, tiring and boring. You tend to start looking for a break and while for long breaks, you need a long planned vacation either back to your hometown and back or somewhere else, if you are caught up in the whirlwind of the corporate world, the only window you get in a week are the weekends. There are many places you can visit from Mumbai. Even the city of Indore, called ‘mini Mumbai’ lies not very far from the city although you would have to take the Mumbai to Indore flights as it is not as near by road compared to other destinations.

The best weekend getaway from the city of Mumbai based from the distance and from the look of things (as the scene and lifestyle of this destination is totally opposite to that of Mumbai) Lonavala is the best option for a quick weekend getaway for people from Mumbai. It is the closest hill station from Mumbai and scene in this place is nothing like you would see in Mumbai. A visit during or post monsoon is the best time you will see the hill station blossom in all its glory. The weather is cool during this time and the beautiful landscape is given a nice splash of water making it revive its fresh greenest and brings it back to life.

Lonavala is a well known and popular hill station in Maharashtra. While it is undoubtedly one of the favorite weekend destinations for people from Pune and Mumbai, the hill station also sees people from all over India during its peak seasons. The road to Lonavala is breathtaking and the short car ride from Mumbai will leave you spellbound as you approach the hill station from the mega city, the scenes of the concrete jungle slowly fades along the way and you slowly start seeing shades of greens here and there. The road has an abundance of tea stalls and small eateries where you can stop for a while for a nice steaming glass of masala chai and some snacks, You will begin seeing the majestic view of the approaching hills and the sides of the road will now slowly be marked by beautiful resorts on both sides. The mornings in hill station is marked by fogg all around and as the sun appears you feel a nice warmth and can bask in the balcony of your hotel. During the day time you can head over to the dams and waterfalls where the breeze is cool and you are surrounded by cool fresh air.

Lonavala lies at just 80 kms from Mumbai. A travel by a Mumbai to Lonavala cab would take you about 1 and half hour of travel time depending on your speed of travel and the stoppage along the way. It normally takes longer as most of the people cannot resist stopping by for some chai in the roadside stalls and click some pictures.

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