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‘Phonehenge West’ creator jailed: When folk art and building codes collide:

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December 30, 2012 in Offbeat



(With “AP’ bring us this holiday news…)

The builder of a fantastical fortress in the Mojave Desert has been sentenced to jail for failing to pay for the demolition of his life’s work. Why art isn’t sacred in the eyes of code enforcers.

By , Staff writer / December 22, 2012 


Kim Fahey with his Phonehenge monument at his home in a mountainous arid area north of Los Angeles. He was sentenced to jail because he failed to pay for its demolition.

Reed Saxon/AP  

The bearded builder of “Phonehenge West, a structure that became a famed piece of Mojave Desert folk art, is heading to jail after a Los Angeles County judge found he wasn’t paying enough toward the demolition of the fortress. 

Los Angeles County charged builder Alan Kimble “Kim” Fahey $82,000 last year to demolish, which included a 70-foot tower, stained-glass windows, a working windmill, and a replica of a Viking house in Antelope Valley,  some 50 miles north of Los Angeles. This week, L.A. County Superior Court Judge Daviann Mitchell sentenced him to 539 days in jail after raising doubts about his inability to make payments on the bill.  

The judge’s decision has sparked outrage among Fahey supporters, who claimed the structure should have been protected as a unique example of American folk art. But citing administrative law, most pointedly requirements that county residents get prior approval before embarking on massive building projects, code enforcers refused to budge, a jury backed them up, and the judge is set on enforcing the sentence.  

Note from o…

You can find the rest of this article, if you what to loose your Holiday cheer to The Revenue Generating systems infringement on our artistic freedoms. In my life, I have seen many “Wood Butcher” homes that where engineered beyond uniform building codes. The first “Whole Earth Catalogue”, had a photo of a double dome, I had spent time… As well, many log/driftwood structures throughout the west… Hay bail-Adobe, Bottle masonry; if you own the property, and have some common sense, you can build DIY, with step by step research. That is how man has survived, their use of raw materials and creativity. I did not see that structure, yet I doubt it was next door to anyone. Do not know, do not care! It is just an outrage! 539 DAYS! 

Old Days-Old Ways… Freedom Built this country! Wait! … “He” didn’t build it!…  ”Barry” said So!…  Someone else built it…  So, why is it gone?   Why Jail?  CAN NOT WRITE THIS BIG ENOUGH; 539 DAYS!

The one thing you can count on is change…  Survive-All…   o… 

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  1. California building code enforcers are hard core, partially for taxes, partially for earthquakes. But I kinda think, it’s out in the middle of nowhere, and if this guy wants to risk getting buried in an earthquake (which doesn’t happen all that often) then let him risk it. But it is a cool looking house, and really, why can’t you build what you want on your land?

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