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Ooooga Boooga Terrorists dont exist

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November 24, 2012 in Offbeat


I am not being sensationalist or silly, I am being dead serious when I say that terrorists don’t exist, and I’m going to tell you why, but first I want to preface this by saying this is coming from someone who has served 1 tour in Iraq (not saying that gives me anymore authority on the subject then the next guy who has, but just shows you that I’m coming from a unique perspective to say some of this) so let me tell you what I saw. What I seen was a civil war between 2 gangs of religious extremists, mixed with an occupational police force (us) and an insurgency by a rebel force who didn’t like us being there, and who employed guerrilla warfare tactics (which is the only way to fight an occupational superior force, and some of the very same tactics were employed in our very own revolutionary war) which can be mixed up with terrorism.

Now don’t get me wrong there was a small Al Qaeda presence who were there provacatuering events (which is terrorism) setting it off between Sunni and Shia and Iraqi and American, and just overall there to cause chaos. Now in order to understand the Al Qaeda threat we have to understand where they come from and how they are able to operate. The CIA literally brings pallets of 100 dollar bills (printed by their very own printing press given to them by the fed) which is fiat currency (keep in mind the US dollar is the world’s reserve currency) and they take this money as well as guns and ammo and flood it into the middle east, by giving it to Islamic jihadists who oppose the regimes that oppose our western banking dynasties. Now a lot of these same Islamic Jihadists that oppose these regimes ALSO oppose the west and they are actually Al Qaeda and are loyal to AL Qaeda, so essentially Al Qaeda is being funded by fiat money printed by federal reserve banking presses giving to the CIA, in order to provocateur events in the middle east which also has the side effect of provoking us, and in turn we provoke them and everybody else in the region who in return provokes us back, who we then provoke them back. So the whole dang problem stems from the federal reserve (which isn’t American btw, it’s a foreign bank) and its practice of printing money to make problems go away, when actually all it does is give financial incentive to these groups so they can poor fuel on the fire.

So when I say something like the CIA and Al Qaeda are just paid banker goons, I’m not just being silly, because at the heart of it, it’s true.…. (And I’m not saying CIA members are bad, they just don’t see the big picture, they only see the world from their tunnel vision perspective just as most troops only understand what’s right in front of them) Essentially what we have with Al Qaeda is that they are a gang of mercenary’s who are on the payroll; they are paid to commit terrorist acts that would otherwise not happen without the fake money lifeline which is extended to them. Money which wouldn’t otherwise be there, because they live in a 3rd world cesspit. You got angry down and out human beings whose anger is being converted to hatred and the “jihad’, because this money gives them something to do and gives incentive for them to commit crimes against humanity just like the bloods and the crips or the Mexican street gangs have incentive from prohibition to commit their crimes against humanity.

Now this gets to my next point, if we ended the federal reserve and the fractional reserve banking system of printing fake paper dollars tomorrow the AL Qaeda threat would go away almost overnight. (Among many other problems in the world) If we pulled out of the Middle East and started trading real money and real resources, both the east and the west would become empowered with wealth, instead of some gangs which are really just paid thugs for bankers to keep their Ponzi scheme banking system that sucks wealth like a vampire sucks a humans blood. No no people!!! Boogiemen terrorists don’t exist!!! But vampires do. :P

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5 responses to Ooooga Boooga Terrorists dont exist

  1. Oil is another huge factor in middle eastern war, and big oil = big banks. Heroin is a big deal too.

    Click my name to read more!!

    • Right its all about hording and monopolizing resources so we have to go to them and beg, thats why I think its funny when I see good ole boy rednecks, who think its a great thing we are in the middle east for oil and we are gonna get good gas prices because of it… They dont seem to understand that we dont get the oil, instead transnational corporations do. How much you wanna bet, that if we kicked the federal reserve system and then went to the middle east and annexed all the oil spigots, how fast all those European countries would turn on us because they are all run under the same corporatist system that we are under right now. Thats all hypothetically speaking of course since we wouldn’t need that oil anyways because we already have a wealth of resources within this country which is being suppressed by these same corporations.

  2. I have to agree with the opening statement, terrorists, as in the image we are told to believe, do not exist as the term terrorism is orginaly French and refers to a government ruling by means that keep the feeling of terror flowing just to hold power. The term originates in post revolutionary France, but for a more recent and up to date evidence all you need to do is research Soviet Russia under Stalin with its control of the media.

    The problems in the middle east actually stem from the end of the first world war, Britain broke the deal they made with the Arabs and drew the lines on the new map north south rather than east west; as per their agreement brokered by T.E. Lawrence to get their aid in fighting the Ottoman Empire. The current situation would be only shortened by the removal of the dirty tricks campaign and financial aid from the west as the disparate groups would soon settle their differences and turn on Israel which was created again by Britain at the end of world war one.

    I agree that Vampires exist and they run Banks, own Governments and destroy lives. The most galling thing for me is they don’t even know it.

    • They don’t know it OR they enjoy destroying the lower classes with a Malthusian state of mind. Egalitarian oligarchs think they’re better than us, it’s a club and we ain’t in it.

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