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one of the freakiest dreams I ever had

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June 23, 2017 in Offbeat


It was like the goddamn ‘invasion of the body snatchers’ except much worse. How it started off, I was at a house party in the neighborhood with everybody there having a good time enjoying themselves while it was nearing night fall.. when suddenly a massive onslaught occurred. An invasion force had been blending in with the people all over the world and when they attacked it was all at once. They were wielding a device which when aimed at someone it would give off some sort of electromagnetic radiation that would basically ‘body snatch’ that individual. They also deployed a bunch of small organic and very complex creatures to probe the area. Every human went into panic… some people were fleeing while most were getting snatched up by that technology all over the place. It all happen so rapidly it was hard to tell at first what was going on and there was damn near no way to gather enough forces to effectively combat the invaders. I hid under a bridge at first confounded by the sudden burst of chaos and attacks. One of the entities tried to get me with their device but it didn’t work on me so I fled. It turned out that a very small portion of humans were impervious to being ‘body snatched’. I ran into an older couple who were also impervious to their device and we linked up to help keep each other alive. Since my parents house was close by I thought maybe we could fortify ourselves there… just hoping that the attack was isolation.. but it wasn’t. When we arrived my parents had already been ‘body snatched’, though their personality was still intact they acted like what happened wasn’t a very big deal and could already see the physical effects that radiation had on them. I didn’t want to make the situation worse so I played it off and we slipped on out of there. We got into a vehicle but didn’t make it far before one of the flying wormish slug-like creatures probing the area slipped into the vehicle to examine us. The windows were all closed but if they weren’t completely sealed the creature could squeeze through. That’s about where the dream ended… wanted to kill that thing but it was very elusive in how it moved and operated. I got the vibe that what the purpose of this onslaught was not only to takeover all of the earth but to harvest organs. When they ‘body snatched’ people they would quickly begin to mutate and so I reached the apparent conclusion that they had to change the person’s chemistry to match their own… then they’d harvest all the organs that their civilization required for a very long time. The creatures they sent out to probe the area was to find out who hasn’t been ‘body snatched’, and even more so to find who was impervious to it. I’m not sure what they planned on doing with us… but I suspect it was either to enslave, study us to make their technology that much more effective, or very likely we were to be exterminated like the rest of humanity.

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